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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: Avon Healthy Makeup

Sorry about such a non-descriptive title, I know what you are thinking "What is she going to do review the whole line?" Well, yeah, actually I am. Avon has just introduced a new line of, well... "healthy makeup." Again, not very descriptive... but I'm getting there.

What is healthy? A new colour collection designed to enhance the key signs of healthy skin - Avon literature

The main components of the line are:
  • Hydration: moisture helps keep in essential nutrients so skin looks fresh
  • Texture: smooth, silky skin allows colour to go on evenly and look naturally flawless
  • Radiance:radiant colour makes your entire look come alive

Avon Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation and Liquid in Light Beige

The first product of the line that I tried (and was most intrigued by, as I have been on a foundation kick as of late) is the Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation and Liquid Foundation SPF 10. The mousse foundation is a reformulation of their former Radiant Lifting Foundation Mousse, which I used to use regularly. Each of these foundations is made with a triple vitamin and antioxidant complex that is enriched with pomegranate and apple.

The mousse foundation is just that, a creamy mousse. I was really impressed with this product as it applied really easily and was really blendable. At first I applied this with a foundation brush, as I have a "thing" about putting my fingers into a product, but I find that I needed to use my fingers to get perfect application. I apply it with the brush first, then blend by hand. It seems like the warmth of your skin and hand makes it "melt" on. This foundation was great in the fact that it smooths right over dry skin and is also the right consistency for normal skin. It is a foundation that looks more natural as it blends on instead of just sitting on your skin. It is a light to medium coverage that is easy to build in areas where you may need more cover.

This kind of hard to see (click to enlarge) but you can get a bit of an
idea as to how the product applies.

I also used the liquid foundation, which unlike the mousse, has SPF 10. The liquid version also has the slightest amount of sheen almost like a micro-micro shimmer to it. I have seen quite a few new foundations that have this and I am not too sure what to think about it. It is supposed to give you an added glow, but you can't see it on your face (which is good) and I'm kind of wondering if it does anything at all. Other than my uncertainty on that issue, I am pretty pleased with how this foundation performed. It blends out super easily, and like the mousse I found the colour match to be perfect. All in all this foundation was great, it is slightly thicker than most liquid foundations and is also a light to medium coverage. It was easy to build in areas where I need a bit more cover and it did not look overly applied or cakey. The only real issue I noticed was that the top on the bottle is not makeup bag friendly. I went to put it in a bag, and realized that the top turns way too easily. I don't usually store my products in a makeup bag, but that would be a major downside to buying if you do.

Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow in Iced Mocha

What would foundation be without a bit of eye colour? Exactly. There is only one eye product in this line, and it is a reformulation of the Beyond Colour Lifting Eyeshadow. I have never used that product, so I can't compare, but I will say this product was not one that I was really into trying when I saw it. First off the colours look very frosty in the book and on the model, so I stuck with a neutral. That and the fact that a lot of cream eye shadows crease so fast and they are always so cold when you apply them!

Luckily for me, neither of those concerns came true. The eyeshadow colour is not nearly as frosty on as it looks. The colour I got is a neutral brown and it has a slight shimmer, but nothing over the top. This eyeshadow applies with a sponge tip applicator, the same type found in most lip glosses, and is a bit... messy. I found that too much product stays on the applicator and thus makes it hard to apply neatly. I ended up putting a bit of the product on my finger and blending it on that way annnd it wasn't cold, I can't stand creme eye shadows that go on cold. Nobody wants cold goo on their eye. No? Once I figured the best way to apply it, I was pretty happy with it. The only downside was that it is difficult to add a darker colour to the crease. I tried applying a similar, but darker powder brown and had some issues... while the creme sets as to what feels like a powder, it is still tacky thus making it very hard to apply a powder neatly on top of it. This is a nice colour to use across the eye and finish with liquid liner though.

Healthy Makeup Lip Conditioner in Clear and Berry

The last addition to the Healthy Makeup family are the lip products. I say products since they have both Healthy Makeup Lipstick SPF 15 and Lip Conditioner SPF 15. I didn't get any of the lipsticks but I did get two of the conditioners. Usually lip conditioners are only a clear or neutral shade, but this line has four colours in addition to clear. I chose Berry as my tinted option, and I have to say I am not impressed with the colour. In the book Berry is a nude purple shade, but in real life it is a red colour. Apparently there was no mistake, but the colour in the tube is nothing like the swatch in the book.

Berry Healthy Makeup Lip Conditioner

Getting past the colour issue, I like this product. It is formulated with vitamin A, E and B to moisturize and protect chapped lips. If you aren't a lipstick fan, the tinted options would be a great choice as they feel light on and pretty much just like lip balm. I got the clear to wear under lipstick, and while I like it, there is really no difference between it and your average lip balm, so you really don't need it.

All in all I like the products in this line and I can see myself re-purchasing the foundations. I have to note that as a seller I was able to get these products before they are available for purchase and at a discount. However, that did nothing to change my opinions and my review is


  1. so i was just looking through the Avon book, and i'm glad yew reviewed these! I was so topsy turvy on if i wanted to try these or if i wanted to stick to the minerals line, but i think im gonna try them!

  2. I was curious about those products, thanks for the reviews!

  3. I'm so glad you reviewed this, I heard about them and always wanted to know about them. Thanks!
    Great post, love reading your blog.
    Visit mine if you have the chance and become a follower, thankyou.

  4. thanks for reviewing these products
    i actually wouldn't mind trying the eyeshadow

  5. I'm interested in purchasing ,but would like to get my shade right. Do you know what shade in MAC you are? I run between an NC 20/25. Thinking about light beige or nude. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for reviewing:)

  6. @Ashygoesroar
    Great! I'm glad I could be of service. Hope you like it!

    No problem :D

    I am so glad you enjoy my blog! I will most definitely check yours out too!

    I am right in between a NC15/20 but I lean more to 20. With this line the light beige is a perfect match to my skin tone. If you have a rep ask if she has the shade chart, it will make finding your match no problem or if you have the brochure hold it up to your jaw line to find a match. Hope this helps!


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