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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review: Joe Fresh Blush - Plum

Ah blush! A girl's best friend. I have to admit that I used to underestimate the power of blush and rarely wore it. I have changed my ways. Even on days when I wear "no" makeup, you know the mascara and tinted lip balm kind of days, I still take the time to swipe on a little blush. A friend of mine in college told me I had "cheeks that should never be naked" Okay so he is gay, but he had a point, I am pale with chubby cheeks, and a tad of blush does wake up my look. Anyhow, on the product, shall we?

I picked this up at the Super Store when I was looking for the Joe nail polish. I have wanted a plummy, more violet hued blush for the fall, so when I spotted the Joe Fresh blushes for $6 I had to take a look. I picked up plum. If you haven't noticed Joe does not use any frilly romantic names when it comes to the products, they are what they are. This blush does in fact have a plummy hue, but it is not as violet toned as you would expect. I like that as I usually only use a bright pink toned blush, so this was a nice way to ease into another shade family.

The shade itself is a pink based plum and when blended it very natural looking, even though it does have a violet tint. It is a darker shade, without showing as dark on your skin and you aren't likely to get that dirty look one can get with a blush that is too dark. I think this could be a universal colour as I am fairly pale and it looks great, and the colour is defiantly bendable for darker skin tones.

The packaging of this product is simple, but effective and actually quite a high quality considering the price. The blush is in a clear plastic compact, but the plastic is very thick and durable and the compact closes very securely. You wouldn't have to worry about this getting banged around in a makeup bag or purse that is for sure. As for the quality of the blush itself, I am very impressed. The product is very smooth, and while it looked matte in the store, the blush does have the faintest of shimmer making apply smoothly and softly. It is super blendable and quite pigmented, but not so much so that it becomes difficult to apply.

All in all a great product! Right now there were not very many colour choices, but I would consider buying others. Have you tried Joe Fresh Blush? What did you think?

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  1. yay! a fellow canadian blogger :) i actually love joe products esp. there nail polish!


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