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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Yves Rocher Radiance Corrector Pen

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Yves Rocher, my beauty vice... when that catalouge comes I am almost (okay always) tempted by something and end up ordering. Although, up until now I have never purchased any of Yves cosmetics. A month or so ago I noticed two products that caught my eye one being Perfect Primer (review soon) and this, the Stylo Correcteur Eclat (aka Radiance Corrector Pen) a corrector pen much like the adored YSL Touche Eclat. Of course the Yves Rocher version is half the price of the YSL version at $20, but I plucked mine at the intro price of $13. Not too shabby, but does it work?

I will admit that I do not own the YSL Touch Eclat, so there won't be a comparison here (sorry!) I will however break the product down and share my thoughts. First, and this is something I am sure most of you reading this know, this product is not a "concealer" it is an illuminator.

"A what?" it is designed to " illuminate the face and quickly and easily conceal signs of fatigue, areas of shadow and fine lines. A fluid, ultra-soft texture which conceals skin imperfections, thanks to its light diffusing effect." as put by the folks of Yves Rocher.

Brush tip

As is typical of this sort of product, the pen has a brush and the product is pumped into the tip via a little twist up thing. I have to note that the first time I used this I had a huge mess... the product was not coming out so I continued to click, figuring since it was new it would take a few clicks. Well, it is just slow to flow and I had a ton of it pouring out of the brush. Yeah, I now click it once and wait for it to flow. Patience. It works.

Swatched on my arm. Left- not blended, Right- blended

As you can see in the swatch above, the blob of un-blended product looks quite pink, but it does blend nicely. This product is only available in two shades Pink Glow (which I have) that is for pink based skin tones, and Beige Glow for more tan yellow toned skin tones. After I ordered this, I kept thinking about the name, and started to worry that it would have some sort of shimmer to it. The word "Glow" can be difficult to read sometimes. Anyhow, this product does not have any shimmer. I haven't seen the Beige Glow, so I can't say for certain, but it seems like you may be out of luck with this product if you have a darker skin tone. I am fairly, well, fair, and the colour works well for me, but I don't know if it would work on skin much darker. That seems to be one obvious downside compared to YSL's product is that they give you more shade options (YSL offers four shades.)

Unedited photo, without any product what so ever (ack, I look tired!)

Unedited photo, with only Radiance Corrector Pen applied

As you can see from my before and afters, there is a visible difference, but not a drastic one. Seeing as this is not meant to conceal, I can't judge the fact that you can still some discolouration, but as mentioned I do not have any other makeup on my face. This product does lighten the eye area and when used on makeup can give your eyes a bit of light, but I can't say that this is a product I "need." I will continue to use it, sure, but it probably won't be a re-purchase. I can see myself using this as a super light concealer on the days I don't wear makeup, but want a bit of a pick me up. It also works really well on the eyelid to give an even tone a works as an okay primer.

Have you used this product? What did you think? Do you have an alternative to YSL's Touch Eclat?

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