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Sunday, November 21, 2010

"A Little Bit of Everywhere" Haul

All in a day's work!

I did a whole bunch of running around yesterday, and of course that meant getting a bit of shopping in.Of course this is where I share and do a little rant.

My main mission of the day though was to stop in at Rexall/Pharmaplus for their 50% of face products (foundation, concealer, bronzer, primer, blush and what not.) Now, I live in a small town and have never actually shopped at at Rexall so I used the handy dandy location finder thing they have on the website. I was pumped to see that I have a Rexall downtown. A 50% off sale should never be missed.

I love a lot about living in a smaller area, but downtown shopping sucks! There is never any parking, and half of the stores don't have back entrances, so you end up going down very questionable alleys to get to the right store. I was lucky enough to be with my mom (who was driving) so I could just jump out and run in.

Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer and Foundation

In the store I automatically found the makeup aisle ( I think I was born with a cosmetic homing device) only to see it was very small. The only brands they had were Revlon and Cover Girl. Humm. No problem, there are a few Revlon products I have had my eye on. Oddly enough though there were no signs mentioning the sale and no prices on any of the items. I though little of this, small stores in small towns aren't always up to speed, so I picked a bunch of stuff and made my way to the register.

I'll give you the short version of what went down: the cashier was rude (read: bitch) the store isn't a Rexall, they are Guardian (she says this whilst standing in front of a HUGE Rexall sign) and they don't follow the Rexall sales. I mentioned that when you look up Rexall's in the area their location came up, and she didn't seem to care. Needless to say I left behind almost all of my selected items and only left with two. They were overpriced too. I am thinking I will contact Rexall's head office and share my experience.

Quo Brush Cleanser $3

Enough of that though, I stopped into Shopper's for the one day sale on Quality Street, Christmas just isn't Christmas without a can, only to find they were sold out. Boo! They were having a 40% sale on Quo brushes, and I do need a few brushes, but the quality didn't look that great and I am hoping Santa brings me the Sigma set I've got my eye on. I did grab a small bottle of brush cleaner, which ended up being 40% too (I thought it was only the brushes on sale.) Had I know that I would have grabbed the bigger bottle. We'll see how well it works.

Cool Crisp $2 for pkg of two

Then it was into the dollar store for some Christmas things. I have some gifts already and figured I might as well wrap them and get them out of the way, so I stopped in to get more ribbon and neat Christmas-y things to adorn my packages. I found the greatest coupon organizers there so I had to pick up a few more because everyone that sees mine wants one. Everyone I know will most likely get a coupon organizer with their Christmas gift. I also found Cool Crisp, little packets you put in your crisper to keep your fruit and veggies fresh and deodorize your fridge. I got mine for $2. They are $4.99 for the same package at Canadian Tire.

Revlon "Star" top coat $6 beside a Sephora franken I plan on layering with

One last stop of the day found me in Pharmasave, where I picked up a Revelon top coat "Star" from the holiday collection, my weekly gossip (In Touch) and a box of Kernels popcorn. I didn't even know you could get microwave popcorn by them.

Avon earrings $15

And in the "shopping that comes right to you" category, Avon came in on Friday and I was super good. I only got myself two things: a deep treatment mask and a pair of super cute brass earrings. They're so cute I'm going to have to get the matching ring too.

Not the best day of shopping, but it wasn't terrible. Did anyone else have a shopping weekend? What did you get?


  1. Ohhh! I love the Revlon top-coat!! I need to look for that! :)

  2. I picked up the revlon colorstay active light makeup during the rexall 50% off face products sale and it's great, I wrote a review of this already if you'd like to check it out. I kinda hated the original colorstay, not for my skin and not the texture that I personally like.

  3. Ooohhh! I love those Avon earrings!!! Can I have them when you are done??! ;)

    Haul posts are so fun!

  4. @Shaylee Anne
    I think it originally came out in the summer... if that helps any!

    @ Justine
    You have a great review of both. I kind of wish I had read the colour stay one before I bought it. I am still trying it out so hopefully it works for me.

    Normally I love to share, but this time... get your own! :D


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