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Monday, November 22, 2010

Lush Haul!

Lush-y Goodness!

I was just bumming around the house, getting some laundry done when I happened to go out to the living room and noticed a box in my front porch. What kind of box, you ask? The bestest (yes, bestest) kind ever! One from Lush, that is!

I have wanted to order from Lush for what seems like forever, and after reading the Lush Times that came with my order I officially have to move. I don't have a Lush anywhere near where I live and I am afraid there are just sooo many things I can't get online. Anyhow, onto what I did get!

As you can see in the photo above, I got some Vanilla Puff Powder which smells good, but not as vanilla-y as one would assume. Had I known how to read when I ordered it, I would have known it has jasmine in it too. I am very interested to see if there is a vanilla bean pod in the tub as they claim.

Dark Angel in the can

Left over Dark Angel

Next, is Dark Angel Facial Cleanser. It says for dull and oily skin, I am not oily very often, but I do get dull skin, especially in the winter. Oh, and it exfoliates, I love a good exfoliation! I bought a can to store mine in as I wasn't sure how it would be packaged. I was able to fill the can and still have a chunk that wouldn't fit. Currently I am hating the can. I stupidly closed it properly and nearly sprained my hand trying to get the lid off again. If there is some trick to get the lids off please do tell.

Sweet Lips scrub... smells like mmm

Sweet Lips lip scrub. Yes, another scrub. I have a problem. But with a product that claims to smell like a milk chocolate bar why not? I hate to admit it, but I can get seriously flaky dry lips even though I always balm up before bed. I thought that this would be the perfect (and tasty) solution.

Continuing on with the scrub theme, Sugar Babe is a sugar scrub nugget with a gooey looking pink centre. I am so very excited to use this and am planning a delightfully scrubby shower after I am done with this post.

Soap samples

And last but not least... what is any proper cosmetic order without samples? Nothing. I received a sample of Bohemian Soap and Figs and Leaves.

Have you tried any of these products? What is you favourite Lush buy?


  1. Good idea to put Dark Angels in a tin! I just leave mine in the little plastic container because its water tight so I can leave it in my shower! And trust me, I still don't know how to get the lid off those tins and I've had mine forever! haha I only use my Dark Angels once a week for a deep clean/exfoliation :)

  2. Just bought my very first Lush product, Rockstar! :) I guess I'm very lucky to have 5 stores near me lol. But they don't give samples though.

  3. I've never bought anything in Lush as there's no shop anywhere near where I live :( I'm waiting to travel to Madrid to be able to buy lots of their stuff :)


  4. Hey Bailey!

    I think Lush products are ok, I am not into them as people are but I enjoy them once in a while!

    I have tried a few bath bombs, but dont remember the name, Coal Face soap a few times as well as a shower gel that hav a manly smell!

    Recently I have won a few bath bombs, but havent tried them yet, I want to indulge hahaha!

  5. I just shopped at LUSH for the *first time ever* yesterday...and I am in LOVE with the brand!!! I recommend the massage bars (that is what I got and a lip scrub in bubblegum...YUMMY). Cant wait to try more! You got some great items!!!

  6. @Shaylee Anne
    Lol I guess there is no trick to the cans! Thanks for the once a week tip too. I was wondering how often I should use it.

    Ah, yes you are very lucky! I would so trade samples to live near one!

    Aww that's too bad, but hopefully your trip is amazing!

    @Ms BuBu
    I haven't tried any of their bath stuff. I have a tub that is shower size so it isn't very comfortable for relaxing baths.

    I am already in love with the lip scrub! and totally agree, can't wait to try more :D


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