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Monday, November 22, 2010

NOTD: Starry Skies with Revlon Top Coat

As you probably already know, I picked up a bottle of "Star" top coat which I thought was from Revlon's holiday nail polish collection, but apparently is not. It was displayed with the "new" holiday shades. The holiday collection overall isn't that creative: a red, a white, a green. Your typical holiday fare. The one item that caught my eye however, was Star, a gloriously glitzy top coat. The polish is a clear base with blue and silver glitter and silver holo confetti suspended in it.

I am usually only a full on opaque glitter kind of gal, but this just looked so good in the bottle I had to give it a try. I rooted through my polish drawer for a colour that looked like it could create something similar to the look of the bottle. I was initially going to use a blue as the base, but I ended up using a Sephora based grey that I frankened some time ago.

To get the look I used two coats of the dark grey with two coats of Star on top. I found that if you brush this top coat on like regular polish, non of the glitter and fun stuff stays on your nail. You kind of have to gob it on and then brush it out. Like most glitter polishes of this sort, they larger holo confetti is totally random, so you end up with a ton on one nail and then none on the other, so it takes a bit of finesse to get a more even look.

I'm not sure what I think of this look... what do you think? Have you tried this polish yet?


  1. hi Bailey,
    I like the combination. The color jives. Nice. Maybe you like mine as well:) Btw, following you..

  2. I picked up a couple blingys from this collection. I couldn't help myself!! That's cute to use it over a griege. I like that!

  3. Very nice!

  4. OMG! Amazing! Totally something I would wear over any any nail polish, really!

  5. Ohh that is such a sexy combo! i love the top coat :-D

  6. I love it! I'm so into glittery polish right now! I must find this top coat! :)

  7. @Justine

    Thanks! I am starting to grow on it.

    I'm following you now :)

    Thanks! Now that I have looked up the collection I think I may have to get a few more. There is a purple that looks really great.


    Thanks :D

    @liquored on lacquer
    grr.. sexy nails! thanks :D

    @Shaylee Anne
    I am slowly getting into the glitter more too and the holidays are a great time to get away with more experimentation!


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