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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pharmasave Mini Haul & Week's Shopping Review

This photo makes it look like my camera has two flashes... weird.

Not the most exciting haul ever... once I got home I realized I forgot to check out the sale on Revlon lip gloss, which was the main reason I stopped in. I did however pick up a tube of Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 5 (finally) and found Garnier Nutrisse Cream hair dye in the clearance bin for $4.99 each. I am a raven haired gal by nature but am currently sporting dark brown locks with caramel-y highlights but they are fading too light, so it is time for a change. I picked up Cinnamon Stick #45 and Iced Tea #525. Cinnamon is a dark mahogany while iced tea is a medium mahogany, but they look really similar. Based on the number of boxes of iced tea that were in the bin, I would say Garnier is fading out the shade.

As for my week's shopping... well to quote Fiona Apple "I've been a bad, bad girl. I've been careless with a delicate man." Wait, not the delicate man business, but I have definitely been bad. I have been trying to curb (ie majorly cut down) my online credit card spending, and up until this past week I have been doing seriously well. Yeah, um... I guess I have to start curbing again. Want to know what I got? Of course you do!

First came Lush.
I've wanted to order a few things for a while now, and to be honest my spending splurge was caused by some "relationship tension" so I let myself have a little "therapy". I made myself stick to a budget though (no more than $50 all said and done) so I get points for that right?

Have you seen the Christmas Sampler? (photo above) Omg, Lush lovers, grab a bib you are now entering drool town. As for exactly what I got... you'll have to wait until it arrives.

Then a purchase from The Shopping Channel.I picked the limited Kelly Green (not shown) but it does come with the cleansers!

The showstopper the other day was the Clarisonic Mia. I watched a bit of the info on tv before I went to bed. I think I went to be thinking about it, and guess what? I woke up thinking about it. While drinking my morning tea and watching the info on tv (yes, again) I convinced myself to buy one. If not for me, but for the benefit of my skin. I am claiming this one as a Christmas present to myself.

I was pretty content with those purchases until I started reading Liquored on Lacquer and saw Concrete Minerals. I wasn't intending on ordering anything, but I think you know I totally did. I ordered a four pack with the shades Lovey Dovey, Harlequin, SoulJourner and Lolita.

Concrete Mineral shade selection (click for full size)

And since they make their own primer and my fast Google-age of it seemed to be positive, I ordered one of those too.

My plastic had a relatively busy week and I will be all giddy for days waiting for all my goodies to arrive. Did you buy anything interesting?


  1. I dye my hair too but I haven't tried Garnier hair dye before.. thanks for the review! :)


  2. oh wow you got the mia from the shopping channel. I was tempted by that.

    Also check out the rexall pharma plus 50% off their face products sale this week (starts friday)! I posted it on canadian daily deals. ;)

  3. I've been on a spending ban too, so no purchases for me this week. Next week I'm going out shopping with a friend and let's see if I behave or I end up like you xD


  4. I would love to see how the hair dy turns out on you! =D

  5. Im glad you like Concrete Minerals!! :-)

    I can't wait until my order comes in I want more already!!

    I put souljouner on my wishlist hehe!

    btw I gave you a blog award ♥

  6. @Mia
    No problem! I'll for sure have more info after I've tried it too.

    I am so excited for it (the mia) to arrive! I am planning on checking out pharmaplus tommorrow! That looks like it should be fun :D

    Good luck! Every time you see something you want just try thinking about something much more fabulous that you are saving for.

    Thanks! I'll probably do a post about it, eventually :D

    @liquored on lacquer
    The colours just looked so pigmented that I had to give them a try! Annd thanks a million for the award!! I'll have to work on picking a few bloggers to share it with :D


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