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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sale Alert: Elf Cyber Monday

In case you didn't get in enough Black Friday shopping, Elf has just the thing for you: a sale!
Use code 55WIDE on orders of $25 or more and get 55% off.

I don't think I'll be ordering, as I have done enough damage already, but it would be a great time to order brushes and of course Christmas gifts. Will you be placing an order? What did you get? Yes, I am nosy, but do tell!

P.S Don't forget to enter here to win a CSN Stores gift card. Giveaway ends Monday night!


  1. hi :) am your new follower now!

    yes i'm going to order from ELF, too bad many of their stuff went OOS :(

  2. @ Jennifer
    Welcome and thanks for following!

  3. MMM trying to order but will not take off 55% off my order (55% of 26 is not 8...)!!!

    So sad! :(

  4. Hey thank you Bailey!

    I ended up making an order, as the thing is that I initially put something in my basket that was not part of the deal, but that I didnt want that much!

    So I ordered and asked it to be shipped at my parents so hopefully ill have it for Christmas!


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