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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NOTD: Revlon Matte Suede Powder Puff

Yet another Revlon notd, but this one is a bit different... different for me anyway, because it's matte. I have a fair bit of nail polish, but not a single matte shade or top coat to be seen. And that was how I liked it. I call nail polish, well nail polish and as polish it should be shiny. Thus, I have always stayed with shine. That all changed when I saw this beauty. I had been seeing the collection on display at my local PharmaSave for a while and thought "humm, what an uninspiring Holiday collection you have Revlon." as it consists of a green, red, berry and white. When I think white nails I think of two things French tips and that hideous trend from when I was in grade 6 and it was all the rage to paint your nails with white out*Bleck* of course the white out allowed one to then colour in with multi-coloured highlighters... Anyhow back to the white.

I didn't dig the white until it started popping up on blogs I read. Then I was curious, intrigued. Of course that meant I had to get it and I had to try it. Although it looked great on the hands of the swatchers (or swatchees I suppose) I wasn't sold it was right for me. First off the matte finish, and then the fact that it didn't seem to be an opaque. I don't care to see visible nail line unless it's a French manicure, thanks.

Three coats

I'll assume this doesn't need saying (er, typing) but with a matte polish you don't use a base coat or top coat, so prep was very easy. All I did was shorten my nails a bit to reduce the amount of nail line that would show through. The bottle says to apply two coats, but I was feeling crazy and went with three- I know, I am such a rebel. I was tempted to keep going until I hit opacity, but I think it might end up being chalky and you would loose the subtle shimmer and colour play of the polish. I think that is what makes this such an interesting shade, it isn't a stark flat white, but it has a hint of a blue-purple-pink shimmer depending on the lighting. The colour is really pretty and once I got used to it I really liked it.

Of course I had trouble getting used to no top coat, I forgot how long nail polish takes to dry on it's own. Application was not bad, no major issues, I thought it might be a streaky mess to apply, but it was smooth looking from the first coat. Wear was okay too, I didn't have any chips when I was ready to remove it, just a few nicks here and there,which were probably my own fault and not anything to do with the polish at all.

Overall a great shade for winter and the holidays. Have you tried any of the Matte Suede line? I am thinking I may have to pick up the green shade.

P.S Check out my awesomely sparkly hand soap!

Balea (available at Shopper's Drug Mart) had these adorable dispensers for the Holidays. When I saw it in the flyer I knew it had to be mine. At $4.99 it is a steal and better yet it is filled with soap. They only had the pink left, which is Candy Cane scented. It smells sweet and slightly minty, very appropriate for the season. I love it!

Oooh, Shiny!


  1. Oh yes, i saw that bling bling dispenser too!! It is so cute that i knew i had to get it no matter what! =)

  2. OMG I love the nails!! They look fantastic! I think I'm feeling inspired to do something similar!

    As for your sparkly soap dispenser. You just made me incredibly jealous! I think I might have to convince somebody at work that I need to head to town to get one of these (as much as I think it isn't going to work, its worth a try)

  3. Love this shade! I was so glad I picked it up (total impulse buy) but it looks so pretty on!! Oh and I wanted one of those sparkly soap pumps so bad but all my SDM's were out except for gold and that doesn't match anything in my house! :( Hopefully they get more in, so cute!!


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