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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Garnier Herbashine - Shade 530 Medium Golden Brown

Last week I recieved a box of Garnier Herbashine Colour Creme with Bamboo Extract (ie hair dye) from Chick Advisor's Product Review Club. I was excited and a bit apprehensive to give it a try.

Why was I apprehensive? I'll tell you; I naturally have black hair so it takes a bit to get it lightened using at home products, Herbashine doesn't have any of the harsh chemicals that are normally found in your typical permanent dye (like ammonia) and I just wasn't sure if it would have the power to make my roots match the rest of my hair. That and I am suspicious of anything "fast acting". Garnier claims Herbashine can get the job done in a mere 10 minutes.

"Achieve radiant, natural-looking colour with Garnier HerbaShine, the first ammonia-free haircolour with bamboo extract for fortified hair and incredible shine. Inspired by nature and available in a variety of shades, colour develops in just 10 minutes and lasts up to 28 washes! Whether you want luminous blonde, radiant brown or brilliant reflet, Herbashine is gentle and easy to use, with a pleasant, ammonia-free scent. The bamboo extract penetrates every strand, for hair that shines with health and vitality."- Product Page

My "befores"

As you can see in my before photos, I had recreated my colour and was sporting what used to be a medium-dark brown with caramel highlights. I hadn't coloured for a while and the highlights were beginning to get a bit too light. My hair was not that orange in person, I swear, but between the lighting in my bathroom and the flash on my camera, it came out a tad oompah-loompah-ish.

The coveted "shade chart"

My first kudos to Garnier is that they have included a shade chart on the box. My biggest peeve is when companies don't include it. I'll admit my hair rarely looks like the predicted shade on the box, it is still nice to have an idea of what you are potentially working with.

On to the goods...

Supplies of the at home colourist

In the box you get your typical fare: instructions and gloves (more on those in a moment), activating cream, colour cream, and after colour conditioner. First thing that I noticed was the conditioner, almost all of the brands I have used or use regularly have tubes of conditioner that are sealable and have enough product to get a few uses out of. Herbashine only allows you one use of their conditioner, which is a shame really because it is amazing stuff.

And the gloves, nay, the hand shaped plastic bags they provide... they leave a bit to be desired. Why can't they just give you real gloves? The ones they included are the dangerous "just look at me and I will tear" type gloves. Luckily I had backups to use instead of what came in the box.

On to the actual dye, it gets mixed as per the usual: squeeze tube b into bottle a, shake and apply. Nothing very notable to note (he he) but the pull off stopper on the mixing bottle was hellish to remove. I ended up biting it off. Mixing was simple, it mixed fast, but it was a bit hard to tell if it was completely mixed due to the fact that both parts are white. Application again, was standard. I had read that some people thought the formula was too runny, but I had no issues with it. It did sort of bubble on my head once I rubbed it on a bit, which looked a bit strange, and kind of made me think I should have done the allergy test, but I had no complications. I guess that is just how it works? I had no massive drips (one blob on my shoulder, but that is average for me) and I was able to easily pile all my hair on top of my head without a clip or anything to stabilize it.


I left my hair to "process" for 15 minutes as suggested by the box for darker hair and grey coverage. Most of my hair was on the light side, but my roots were dark and I will admit to greys popping up along my bangs and front part. I was then ready to rinse. Ugh, I hate the rinsing part, it always seems to take forever. Surprisingly, this dye was a quick rinse (yay!) and I was ready to condition. I can't say enough about the conditioner! I love it! It made my hair look and feel amazingly soft and I had no tangling or frizz once my hair dried.

The results...

My "afters"

I am very pleased with the colour I achieved. It is a nice medium-deep brown and I still have a hint of highlights. I think there might be a spot where I didn't have the dye applied well enough, but it looks pretty good any way, almost like it was intentional, so it all worked out. Overall a really great product, my only complaint is that it is not a permanent colour (it only lasts about 28 washes) which sucks for forgetful gals like myself. Other than that I definately recommend giving this one a try.


  1. Beautiful color! :)


  2. Nice that you got chosen for this, I am not sure if they did a different round of this earlier because I was chosen too.

  3. How beautiful color! And very shiny!

  4. Your hair looks great! I bet it looks fantastic in natural light! I always miss spots when I do my hair too! I just so happened to luck out and get back to my "natural" color, but it's only a matter of time before I get bored and do something drastic to it!

  5. nice hair, nice color!

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