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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free Nail Polish!!

Canadian girls look away, this will only sadden you. I am major bummed that we can't get in on this one... I tried just to see, but they don't ship to Canada at all.
Use the following code for 3 free bottles of Zoya polish. You just pay the shipping.
use code:

Don't want yours you say? Let me you use your address! I'm kidding, but seriously, I wouldn't refuse the offer. My picks would be:

"Bailey" pretty obvious choice



Are you taking advantage of this amazing offer? Which shades did you pick?


  1. I saw this on Facebook, they've done it before and it irritates me that they don't include Canada, oh well what can you do. I don't own a single Zoya polish and would love to try them.

  2. I ordered Suvi, Yasmeen and Pru yesterday. :)

  3. Hi Bailey,I am sad as well, they don't ship internationally/Canada!

    I havent really checked the colours, just because I know I cant have them!

    Let us know if someone is lending you their address!!

  4. Ehehehe and THIS is where it comes in handy that my dad has a post-office box over the boarder!
    Thanks for the info!

  5. thanks soo much! i lovee nail polish. i just ordered willow, ibiza, and happi!! i'm so excited!! =D

  6. boehoee...I whish i could, but they don't ship to my silly country either :( <--sad face


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