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Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Avon Moisture Seduction Lipstick

"The sexiest thing to touch the lips since the kiss" -Avon

Around the same time each year Avon introduces a new lipstick. Last year brought us the oddly shaped Mega Impact that claimed to be the most pigmented- which was released right around the same time Maybelline introduced their Colour Sensational that was very similar. This year brings us Moisture Seduction Lipstick that *surprise, surprise* is also pretty similar to Cover Girl's newest: Lip Perfection.

"Ribbons of rich moisturizers intertwine with seductively smooth clolour for a sensuous serge of deep hydration" - brochure

These lipsticks automatically reminded me of my very first Bonne Bell lip balms I got for Christmas in first grade. They had the same sort of swirled look. I loved those! As usual, most of the shades in this line are red toned or just too dark. I find that with a lot of Avon's new lines. They don't tend to offer my type of shades.

I ended up going with Pink Taffeta a brighter light pink, Perfect Pink a more neutral pink, and Mocha Plum a mid tone plum with a hint of nude. Mocha Plum is waay out of my "comfort zone" and it will most likely go to my mom, but I thought I'd live a little and give it a go. I was tempted to get Nude Perfection but it looked very brown and not really a nude at all.

Pink Taffeta- In the tube this looks shockingly pink, but it ends up being a very pretty, girly pink on.

Perfect Pink- This shade is pretty close to my actual lip colour, but it is just different enough. This pink is more muted as it has a tint of nude.

Mocha Plum- This shade is a bit more blue based in person (the photo has too much of a red cast) and is very pretty but a bit dark for me. For fans of more vampy shades I am sure this would be great. It isn't so dark that it looks costumey and it is a nice blend of a darker nude and plum.

sample... a girl's best friend!

Nude Perfection- I bought samples to give out to my customers, so I took that as a chance to try out this shade. It was exactly as I expected... too brown to really be a nude. It isn't a dark shade, so it could be worn by a lot of different skin tones, but not a nude in my opinion.

All of these lipsticks contain sparkle ( I do wish they had skipped that) and are a bit less opaque than your average due to the moisturizer that is swirled in, I would guess. They feel very smooth on the lips and don't require any balm before application. These would be great for anyone who isn't a lipstick lover or wants a non-drying formula. The moisturizer in them actually moisturizes, so another plus. These might not be for anyone who wants a really intense opaque colour or a long lasting formula, as I have noticed they do need reapplying more often than your average lipstick since they have a bit more slip on the lip.

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