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Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: Cover Girl Nature Luxe Gloss Balm in Hibiscus

Another lip item, I promise this will be the last one for a while. I picked this up a week or so ago when I got the Nature Luxe Foundation (review of that tomorrow) and had a coupon, but you had to buy both. To be honest I wasn't really that into this product when I saw it, but now that I've been using it, I quite like it.

"Get the sheer color and shine of a gloss with the soft, lightweight feel of SPF 15 balm. Fortified with mango and shea butter, this feel-good formula leaves your lips feeling decadent and delicious.
Luxurious, sheer color with a hint of shine; contains decadent mango and shea butter. Soft, lightweight feel. SPF 15"

Hibiscus Gloss balm on hand

This product is a pretty much a frankening of lip balm and lip gloss. It glides on like a balm and leaves a nice tint of colour (more than I expected) and a nice shine without being sticky. It feels the same as wearing a light lip balm, so it really feels like nothing on. I picked up the shade Hibiscus, a mauvey pink. In my Shopper's all of the colour options they had seemed too dark except for this one. When I looked up the product online however, there are actually a lot - 16 to be exact- colour choices. I guess it depends on where you buy it.

Hibiscus Gloss Balm on lips

Like I mentioned above, I was happily surprised at the amount of colour this has once applied. After seeing so many darker shade choices in the store, I wondered if it was because it applied super sheer. It doesn't though, which is great. It is more sheer than a lipstick, but it still has a pretty good pop of colour.

This gloss/blam is super easy to wear and apply (no mirror needed) and it does leave your lips moisturized. If I was able to find more of the shades I would buy this again.

Have you tried this? What did you think?


  1. I can’t wait to see how this line works, as well. Like you, I don’t have much faith in natural makeup in drugstores. They seem to cut a lot of corners and the results are just so-so.

  2. Oh! I love NatureLuxe in Hibiscus! Such a gorgeous color. I am a huge fan of the gloss balm formula! Follow me on my new blog:


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