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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review: Pur Minerals Mineral Light

Up for review today we have Pur Minerals Mineral Light. I got this highlighter in a surprise box from the shopping Channel a few months ago, and have recently started playing around with it. This is a product that I probably wouldn't choose on it's own, as I am fairly new to using highlight and I think I prefer cremes or liquids over powders, but I am getting good use out of. Although, not in the way it was originally intended..

"Pur-ect Use: Place strategically on the face or body, or wherever you would like light to be reflected." - from compact

I guess I should start by saying that this product completely disappears on me. When I first used it, I applied it like I would a highlighter: a bit down my nose and above my cheek bones. I didn't see anything. I figured the lighting was bad, so I went to the window to get a better look in natural light. Still nothing. On my second attempt, I gave up trying to use this as a highlight and decided to use it as a setting powder. Bingo!

Click for full size... can you see the hint of shimmer?

While this product does have a bit of shimmer in it, it completely disappears on my face. The powder is super smooth and natural looking. I don't have any issues with oiliness through out the day though, so I can't say how well it would work for oil control.

I probably wouldn't buy this product again - The Shopping Channel was selling it for$29.50 CAN, and it may be discontinued as I can't find in on the Shopping Channel site or Pur Minerals (it is available in a half pan with Mineral Glow) but if you happen to have this product it makes a great setting powder, but if it is highlighting you are going for I would pass.

Have you tried this product? Did it work as a highlighter for you?

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  1. Hi Bailey!

    Thanks for your comment! Yes, I was lucky, both ways, when I left in December, it started snowing when I arrived at the airport, and my flight was delayed(hopefully not that long, and I was scared because I had to fly to Paris to catch another flight) and then the second flight was delayed too. But when I arrived, I heard the news that all flights stopped! Then coming back we had a little delay too.

    Im glad I dont have to move for a while now, so stressfull!!!

    I havent had time to unpack my suitcases or play with your packages yet, I'm hoping to check that again tonight! I just want to take pictures before swatching them haha!

    Take care!


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