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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish

Thinking of Blue and Mudslide

Happy New Year! Okay that is out of the way, I already posted about that so on to the goods. I was in Shopper's Drug Mart to take advantage of the 20x the points event and I'll thought that I would share two of my purchases. Side note: My Shopper's now has Benefit's Confessions of a Conceal-aholic. I live in a small-ish town, and our cosmetics section can be kind of depressing, so this was a very exciting find. I have enough points to snag it for free, but I think I might wait it out a bit. Anyway, if your Shopper's usually has limited selection look for it.

On top of 20x the points, these were on sale too (yay! sale.) I have quite a few Sally Hansen polishes, but up until now none of this particular line. The bottles are very heavy and feel like a better quality than the average bottle. I forgot to get a picture, but the brush is different on these as well. I am sure there are a ton of reviews for these already, so I won't go into massive detail, but the handle part of the brush is flat as opposed to round and the brush itself is flat with a chiseled type tip. I didn't find it changed applying the polish in anyway, but it was different than I expected when I opened the bottles.

Mudslide is a pink-y nude creme that is neutral, but pretty. My photo doesn't quite get the shade right thought. Imagine if nude and dusty rose had a little polish baby, that baby would be this colour. I have a few nude shades in my collection and after applying this I thought maybe it was a dupe to some others, but this shade has a more distinct pink tone to it that makes it just that bit different. This is three coats. It applied evenly and without any issues, but it took the extra coats to get it to full opacity.

Thinking of Blue is an inky medium blue cream that has had me humming that stupid Katy Perry song all day ( not that I have anything against her, but that song is... bleck.) Anyhow, I love this colour! I have a few blues that I love wearing and this is for sure going to become a favourite. This shade applies really well and could almost be classed a one coat wonder. I say almost, since a few nails need a second coat just to even them out, but for a darker colour this went opaque every easily.

I have been wearing these for a day and a bit (left hand blue, right hand nude) without top coat just to see how they wear, and so far no chipping or major issues wear wise. Time will tell how well they last, but so far I am really liking both the formula and wear.

Have you tried any of the shades in this line? What would you recommend?

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