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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shopper's Drug Mart Haul & Promos

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Today I stopped into Shopper's to pick up Listerine (it was on sale) and well... I can never get out of Shopper's with just one thing. I did get 800 extra bonus points on the Listerine and a $10 savings card for spending more than $50 so that was nice.

I went into the Shopper's one town over from where I live (it is actually closer to me than the one in my town) to see if they have Revlon's Perplexed nail polish, which they don't. I have been into pretty much every store looking for it and still nothing. I am now also looking for Copper Penny which they didn't happen to have either. I did pick up Revlon's Top Speed polish in Metallic and another Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gray by Gray which were both on sale for $4.99.

Of course I roamed around a bit, and noticed Maybelline's Mineral Power line was all on sale (marked down from $10.99 to $7.99) and I have read good things so I picked up the Finishing Veil in light, the foundation in Classic Ivory, and the concealer in Cream.

And, a box of the most amazing chocolates Lindt's Lindor, which were on clearance from Christmas (marked down from $10.99 to $3!) I will admit I actually bought the last two boxes they had, they are just so good!

I was looking at the new Cover Girl foundation at my regular Shopper's and while I want to try it, I was a bit dumbfounded that a Cover Girl foundation was selling at $17.89. For that price it had better be good. I am glad that I ended up passing though, because I spotted a bonus coupon here which will get you an extra 3000 points when you buy two Cover Girl products. The fine print does not state that the products have to be Nature Luxe products and Expires Feb.25th. I am going to watch the flyers to see if it goes on sale. Hopefully it doesn't have that sickening Cover Girl scent though.

I also spotted another chance to score some extra Optimum points. They just had a 20x event last weekend, but from Jan.8th to Jan. 10th you can get 15x the points or 15% off your purchase when you spend $50 or more. I personally would go for the points. I hoard them until a bonus redemption weekend then buy everything I am normally too cheap to get!

Have you spotted any good deals lately?


  1. yes all on canadian daily deals. No seriously that is my other blog.

    I've been looking for Perplex everywhere too! can't find it, someone said it wasn't released in Canada! :(

  2. Ive been looking for perplexed as well - whats wrong with Canada we never get anything awesome!! :)

  3. My Maybelline products weren't on sale!! I would have bought some! I will have to go back and ask - maybe they just weren't marked! Great haul! :)

  4. @Justine
    Okay, so you don't count, you always know of deals. I emailed Revlon about it availability, I'll post when I get an answer.

    I know, and we should! I am tried to butter Revlon up in my email, hopefully it works.

    @Shaylee Anne
    The store I usually shop in didn't have it marked either, but they rarely mark everything that should be on sale. Good luck and thanks!

  5. LOL at I don't count... I see that the latest Shoppers flyer has the new Maybelline Fit foundation! woohoo, I may pick that up as my $30 refer a friend thing, of course with other stuff too. let us know about the souffle stuff, I am curious.


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