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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tag! 15 Random Facts About Me!

I was excited to see that I was tagged by Shaylee Ann of Cosmetically Curious. If you don't follow her, check her out. I love her blog and her skin care expertise has helped me out quite a few times. I know that half way through I will run out of things to say about myself, but I'll give it a try anyway!

Rules: Come up with 15 random facts about yourself and share them with the blog world!
After doing this post tag 5 other bloggers to do this!

Away we go:


1.While I seem to spend a fair bit on makeup and all the fun things that go with it, I am rather cheap. I am always lusting over more expensive brands but I always hesitate to actually buy them.

2. I rarely ever file my nails. I have a very nice glass file that never gets used. I have been getting compliments on my nails quite a bit lately and everyone asks how I file them... I usually don't. I just clip every precisely. I don't like the feel of filing.

3. I am a newly made "Vedder Head" My bff Kyley is a fan of Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam fame) and has always been telling me about this song or that song, so I took a listen. I'm hooked! I don't care for all the aggro Pearl Jam, but Mr. Vedder has a few "softer" songs that are pretty impressive. Check out "Rise" from the Into the Wild soundtrack and "Parachutes" from Pearl Jam's self titled album.

4. I'm going back to school... kind of. I am going to be taking a course through the local college to get Teaching and Training Adults certification.


5. I am thinking of also taking some sort of sign language classes/course. I am working with a class of developmentally delayed adults and one of them happens to be deaf. I have always wanted to learn it, but now I have a reason to.

6. I have a dilute calico kitty (you've seen her around in the odd post) who thinks everything should be about her at all times. She is watching me type this... There goes her ego.

7. I don't have a cell phone. I know, it sounds odd. I did have one, but I canceled it last month. It was just too expensive. That was money I could be spending on makeup!


8. This one is embarrassing... I have a fear of butterflies. It isn't as bad as it used to be, I just don't care to be around them.

9. I have a hard time saying "no" to people. I am getting better, but I always feel sooo bad about it.Extra fact: I love anything rainbow! Source

10. I love broccoli. I could eat it pretty much everyday and never get sick of it.

11. I bought my first MAC lipstick on a school trip to Toronto. My media class went to see the CBC building and Much Music (we even got to be on tv at Much.) I didn't have any of my girl friends in my class so I went exploring on my own. My guy friends went to The Friendly Stranger to buy a bongs and rolling papers. I however headed in the other direction and found a Body Shop and a MAC. It was a pretty awesome day. Sadly, I can't remember what the name of the lipstick was.

12. I love anything (and everything) vanilla scented.

13. I read Chatelaine. I read fashion, and gossipy mags too, but I like the articles and recipes in Chatelaine. Don't judge me.


14. I have a strange adoration of vintage cameras. I don't have one, but I would totally buy one even if it didn't work. I just think they look neat.

15. I love art. I haven't been as active in creating my own lately, but I got a new sketch book and dug out my good pencils, so we'll see what I can muster up.

That wasn't too bad, I thought it would be harder to think up enough factoids. The five lucky bloggers I will tag are:

*Ms. Bubu of Ms. Bubu and Her Girlyness
Marie of All Things Marie
Beauty Style addict
Gaby of Gaby's Beauty Blog
Corrine of Custom Blends by Corrine

I'm looking forward to reading everyone's facts!

*I know her name, but I knew her as Ms. Bubu first. It's cute and it stuck.

Edit: My fonts are all awry and they don't seem to want to listen to me. Please excuse the cookiness.


  1. Sign Language is such an amazing language to learn, it really opens doors for you not only through language but through culture too!

    Haha this will probably be a super long paragraph but this'll be my 2nd semester of sign language, my boyfriend is taking his 3rd and we're both going into communicative disorders related careers!

    Honestly it's a super easy language to learn. If you don't know a word you can fingerspell it and there are instances where you can mix English and ASL grammar.

    I will warn you that you should try to not have a deaf professor as your intro to sign language teacher. It does make the experience a little more difficult.

  2. Hey Bailey! It was fun reading your random facts! I still need to complete this tag too! :) Great learning more about you!! And, I am the same way about makeup...while I love buying High End brands...I really have to budget for them and many of my everyday use items are from the drugstore.

    Yes, definately take a sign language class!!! I am a speech-language pathologist, so I use sign language all the time with my special needs preschool aged kids (I only see kids ages 3-5). I took a sign language class during my undergraduate study, but you could self teach with a good book and there are tons of resources onlines with video demonstrations of signs. :)


  3. This is fantastic! I loved reading new things about you!

    When I was in 5, 6th and 7th grade our class got to learn sign language because one of my fellow students was deaf! I still remember it to this day (well, some of it haha) I think its an amazing language to learn and would definitely recommend it! :)

    I also know more than one person who is afraid of butterflies! haha Apparently, not that uncommon! :)

    Yay for Calico kitties!! Mine thinks she owns the world too - she is my first cat and I bought her from my Vet so he knew her well and apparently Calicos have a tendency to be excessively "princess-y"! ;)

    Thanks for doing the post! I loved it! :)

  4. if there's somebody who should be embarassed about her fear of butterflies, i think that should be me, haha! i am TERRIFIED of them! of there's one in my room and nobody to catch it, i either go slepp in another room or start to cry :)) they scare me/ freak me out so bad i literally coul not live by myself :|

  5. Hey Bailey!!

    Im glad to read your tag and Im glad you tagged me!

    I also receive the parcels today, on the same day I cam back!!! Thanks so much! i will look for the last bits and send my part soon!

  6. @Mai
    Go figure that you are learning it! I will definitely steer clear of a deaf instructor, that has to complicate things a bit!

    I think that that so interesting that you are a speech-language pathologist. I went to one when I was a kid- I got my ch's and my sh's all fumbled, so I spent a few weeks readind things like "Silly Sammy snake slowly slithered" I had a great teacher, but I still having to be careful saying things like Charlie Sheen or Chop Shop.

    Thank you for the advice, I am going to look into getting a how to book. I wonder if there is a "dummies" book on sign language! lol. There probably is come to think of it...

    @Shaylee Anne
    I'm glad I can be so interesting! I love reading things like this on other blogs, it is nice to know more about someone than just their favourite lipstick.

    I am totally going to focus learning sign language on some capacity, by the time I am fluent I probably won't be working with the student, but it will be great to have.

    I am so glad I am not alone on the butterfly front, it feels like a lonely phobia! :D

    No one warned me about calicos! Igby isn't my first cat, but she is definitely the most "lively" and he least independent. She sticks to me like glue.

    :( We should start a support group! I have sort of recovered (not totally) and I did manage a walk through a butterfly garden/sanctuary. Mind you it was a very fast walk, but I did it !

    @Ms Bubu
    Yay!! I am so happy they made it to you. I was really starting to worry about them. Awesome :)

  7. Hello Bailey!

    I am working on the tag, I am stuck at number 10 for now! Should be posted soon!


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