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Monday, February 14, 2011

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Like the majority of new products, Maybelline Fit Me was introduced in the United States before it was available in Canada, and when it was finally here, it was only available at Wal Mart. I was ready for it though, and showed up bright and early, coupon on hand (yes, I really did have a coupon) on the first day of the sale, only to find out it hadn't come in yet. Fast forward a week or so and two more visits to Wal Mart and still no Fit Me. I finally gave up, but to my surprise (and delight!) found it at the Real Canadian Superstore. Today for review I've got the foundation and tomorrow I'll follow up with the pressed powder. There wasn't much selection in the concealer or blush - well one shade of blush isn't really any sort of selection- so I passed on those.

I'm not really sure why there was so much hype over this line... I will say upfront now, that it really wasn't that warranted. I have amassed a fairly large Maybelline collection, so I have a love for the brand, but this line wasn't particularly different from anything I've tried in the past.

"Flawless lets the real you come through. Beyond matching; fresh, breathing, natural skin. SPF 18." - From website

I have to give kudos for the SPF, I think all foundations should offer at least SPF 10. I use a moisturizer with SPF 30 before my foundation, but it is nice to know that there is a little bit of protection in my foundation if I happen to skip it. I do call BS - bull sugar- on the claim that this is "beyond matching" however. The tiny in store display had shades that started at 110 and got progressively darker in increments of 10.

Fit Me 120 dabbed and blended

I usually am the second lightest shade, and based on the display 120 was just that, and it happened to be the same name as all my other Maybelline foundations so I assumed a match. Not exactly, while it is wearable, it isn't quite right for me, it's a bit darker than I need. I probably could have done with shade 115 -the true second lightest shade- but chances are it would be a bit too light. I feel like I'm probably more of a 118- no, it doesn't exist, but I imagine it would be perfect for me!

Maybelline Classic Ivory comparison

While on the topic of shade, I've included a comparison of two other Classic Ivory foundations from Maybelline. I first got the Mineral Power and find that the colour of that is pretty much perfect for me, so when I picked up the Super Stay I a few weeks after that I grabbed the same shade. I have noticed that the Mineral Power is the lightest of the bunch, with the others to have a slightly darker appearance on my face. I tried to get swatches, but they keep coming out all looking the same, which doesn't really prove my point does it?

Anyway, onto wear. I like that this foundation feels a bit lighter on, and that it didn't give my any major hassles when applying on my dry areas. It didn't apply as easily to my dry areas as I thought it would have, based on what I had read in other reviews, but it did fare better than other formulas. For me I got pretty good coverage one the majority of my face, but I don't have a lot of "issues" to cover. I have some acne/ chicken pox scarring under my chin and around my neck that is harder to cover, but I know I'll always need a concealer for added coverage. However, I would say that this foundation falls on the side of lighter coverage due to it's lighter consistency.

Overall this foundation is okay. I probably wouldn't buy it again, because it wasn't a perfect fit for me and there are so many other foundations out there to try, but at the same time I wouldn't say don't try it. Confused much? The price is lower than a lot of comparable foundations - I paid $8.99 - and there are coupons around, mine was for $4 off. At $4.99 it was worth trying.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?


  1. "$4.99 it was worth trying" that's awesome. I actually liked this the more I used it, but I will say it's for dry skin only cause it does move around and is very dewy feeling on the skin.

  2. It's not available in Europe yet, so I'm curious to see the shades! :)

  3. Great review sweetie. I like maybelline foundations normally. This one isn't out yet in the UK, but I will be keeping a look out for it, I love trying new ones. I haven't really read any great reviews on it yet, but it doesnt stop me from wondering. Hopefully they'll release here soon. We've just had the Maybelline Eraser one released here and I really want to try that. xxx

  4. @Justine
    I agree, I can't see it working on oily skin and yeah, I love coupons! I am officially done with drugstore foundations though, I have too many (not nearly as many as you, you are the queen!) I am going to move on to "better" brands. I still haven't found "the one" for me.

    @Perfectly Unordinary
    Hopefully you guys will get it soon! Canada is usually the last to get everything, I feel your pain!

    @Jo Woods
    Hi Jo! Thanks for reading! I wanted to try the eraser one too, but I haven't gotten it yet, I have too many foundations already!


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