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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review: Mark Trend Nailed It Mini Nail Laquers

Third times a charm? Maybe? I've started writing this blog three times and just haven't felt like finishing it. I'm all preoccupied with a million other things and can't seem to focus on any of them. *Deep breath* Okay, so I've had these little guys for a few weeks and honestly I forgot about them, but I wanted to get them swatched and what not before the were out. I think they just came out in the newest mark book.

Anyone who follows mark or Avon, probably knows that mark has never had nail polish. Well, up until now that is. Mark recently released Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquers. They currently only come in one colour combo- Stay Neutral and Fuchsia-istic, but I do know (ssh, don't tell anyone else this) that there will be a second set out soon that will be a turquoise-y shade and a coral-ish red.

Stay Neutral- This is the more interesting shade out of the two in my opinion. It looks like a basic nude/tan shade upon first glance but it has a shimmery holographic undertone to it that is very pretty. I wasn't able to get it to show up very well in pictures, but it does show up when on. While the shade is nice, the formula on this one is thin and it took me four coats to reach opaque. In person my nail line isn't visible, but my crazy bright flash made it show. Unlike the next shade, this colour is completely unique from anything in the Avon polish family.

Fuchsia-istic- This shade is a pretty basic fuchsia creme. Nothing all that exciting, but it is a fun colour for summer. I tend to wear this type of shade more on my toes than on my fingers. The coverage was great and it only took two thin coats for a perfect cover.

When I first saw this it looked like the same colour as Avon's Fuchsia from the Nailwear Pro collection. I wondered why they would bother to introduce something "new" and then take the lazy road and stick in an old shade? Of course I had to do a comparison, just to see if it really was the same colour or not.

L:Avon Nailwear Pro in Fucshia R: mark. Trend Nail Lacquer in Fuchsia-Istic

Please excuse the labeling mistake, it was suppose to say "fuchsia-istic"

The two shades look pretty close in the bottle, but once on the nail there is a difference, albeit a very small one. The mark shade is a bluer tone while the Avon one has more obvious red tones. All in all the colours are so close you really wouldn't need both.

Overall these little polishes wore pretty well- I got my average three days before I had to remove. As you might know I am a stickler for perfect polish and usually don't get more than a few days wear out of any colour. After three days I had some minor chipping and tip wear, but nothing major. While I liked the cute factor of these, they are really small. I was expecting mini, but not this small. These go for $8 which is a bit crazy. I was able to get them at a sellers price which was waaaay cheaper. I can't see anybody paying $4 each (what it works out to per bottle, they only come in sets) for such a tiny bottle (2.7 ml 0.09 Fl oz).

A cute concept, but overpriced. Would you buy them? Do you like to collect mini bottles of polish?

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  1. Wow that's pricy! Almost as pricy as the Nails Inc ones! I like the colors, but as you say, they seems dupable!


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