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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: Raw Essentials Raw Vita Eye Serum

I know, that photo is all leaning tower of Pisa, but when it was editing the multiple photos I's taken it was the best... well aside from the whole crooked thing. Anyway, it works. As you can see today's review brings us Raw Essentials' Raw Vita Eye Serum.

To start, I have to be 100% honest here and say that I don't buy eye "treatments" or creams or the like. I just don't. Why? Because for the most part they're just glorified facial moisturizer in a cute little pot with a really big price tag. Don't trust me? Paula Begoun says that they are no different from facial moisturizers and that they are “a whim of the cosmetics industry designed to evoke the sale of two products when only one is needed.” There, right from the expert!

So, with that said, you're probably wondering why I'm even reviewing this product, I said I wouldn't buy them not that I wouldn't use them. Big difference. I recived this product in one of the Shopping Channel Mystery boxes, so of course I had to give it a try.

New Name, New Label

I know, still more before the actual review... sorry, but it is relevant, I swear. This is one tricky product to track down. When I received it, it came unboxed and has no info at all as to what it is supposed to do just this: "FOR BEST RESULTS: Gently smooth a fair amount of the serum over your eye contour area morning and night." Not too much to go on. Since I got mine from the Shopping Channel that is where I looked first. Nothing... a set with an eye roller product but nothing with the same name. So off to find the Raw Essentials website, turns out the brand is actually Raw Essentials by Carol Alt and they've redesigned the whole range of products and the name of the serum is now Night Time Anti Age Line Reducing Eye Serum. It's a shame it's such a short name. I figured this all out by comparing the ingredients and they are exactly the same. The directions are the same too, oddly enough they tell you to apply the Night Time serum in the morning and evening... really?

"Don't let your eyes give away your true age! Raw-Markable Vitamin A Eye Serum features an 84% pure aloe content to soothe and provide intensive hydration around your eyes. This is a targeted eye treatment that is specially developed to help reduce the appearance of puffy and tired eyes in mature and aging skin. The innovative roll-on packaging offers a cool, refreshing feeling upon application. Chemical-free - so it’s safe for all skin types." from product webpage
As for the actual product - I bet you never thought I'd actually get to this part, did you? I had some problems the first couple (okay more like 8-10) times I tired to use this: nothing would come out. The roller ball would sweep across and it would feel like something came out, since the metal is cooling on the under eye, but when I would go to tap the product on there was nothing. The tube was filled so full that nothing was coming out. I am guessing that is the problem. As you can see in the picture the level of product is still really high and I've been using this pretty religiously for a few weeks now. Once I was able to get the product out of the package, I was pretty pleased with it. It fells great on, a slightly gooey cooling feeling and it absorbs pretty quickly with no residue. While I don't fit the product's demographics- no aging mature skin, puffiness or lines, I do find the product to be moisturizing. I get dry skin around my eyes, eyebrows and where my uni-brow would be should I ever grow one, and I found that this product did help alleviate that (the dryness, not the whole growing a uni-brow thing.)

I know I said I'm not an eye product purchaser, I do appreciate this product due to the aloe content. Growing up my nan always had (and still does) have aloe plants, and before my mom killed hers, we had one too. Any skin related ailment was always treated with "Put some aloe on it, it works!" And while I hated the feel of it, it does. While I wouldn't purchase this product again, I will enjoy using the tube I have now.

Have you tried this product? What did you think? What is your favourite eye cream/treatment?


  1. I haven't tried this, I don't actually use an eye cream!

  2. Leaning tower of Pisa! :D
    I haven't tried it. but it looks great. I'm going to show my mom this so she can try it out. Thanks for the review.


  3. I love this line! I've tried the All Day Revitalizing Face Moisturizer and I"m obsessed! Such clean products that work and smell great also.


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