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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sad Goodbyes...

Not my cat or my computer, but befittingly, all my cat on laptop photos are... well, on my laptop

My beloved laptop has died. It went in for a "routine" procedure and things went bad. Very bad. Tears have been shed, seriously, I cried. I felt a wee bit better when my dad told me to pick out a laptop and he'd get it for me, but at the same time I felt like the six year old who's goldfish died and is adamant that they do not want a replacement, they want fishy (or whatever a six year old would name a fish.) back.

I want Ted back! Yes, that was my computer's name. He was my first laptop love, and he will be remembered fondly for being there for me for my first college paper, my first not-so-legal download, my first blog. I will try not to think of the three (yes, three) hard drives it went through during our first year together (thank god for extended warranties) or the constant overheating, or that massive virus that lost me my "60% of my final grade" paper...

I bid you farewell my little Gateway. May you get unlimited bandwidth and endless memory in laptop heaven. All laptops go to heaven, don't they?

Any suggestions as to what I should get for my next laptop? I'd love an Apple, but they are just so bloody pricey.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know I would cry my eyes out if my computer died.
    I don't know much about laptops, so I don't have advice for you about it :(

  2. Woa it sucks! Last year, i had a similar problem, I broke my USB stick with all my scool work! I didnt have any backups! As I don<t know anuything about computers, I cannot really help. Hope you get a good one though!

  3. aww sorry to hear about your loss.
    btw i had a goldfish i named fishy and i was in my 20s *blush*
    cheer up i'm sure your new computer will help with the pain of losing "Ted":)

  4. @Juno
    Isn't if funny how attached you can get to something?

    Thank you. I'm happy to say I have a "new" Ted in my life now. Ted II?

    @Ms Bubu
    It does suck! It is the worst feeling when you realize you've lost stuff you worked so hard on. I did get an awesome new computer and for an amazing price. I got very lucky :D

    @Beauty Style Addict
    Lol!Fishy is a pretty awesome name for a fish, so I can't blame you for that one :)


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