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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mail Haul

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This week my mail box has seen a lot of action, and the photo above isn't even all of it. I've left out my MAC haul and clothes that just arrived today, and a little kitchen timer that looks like a scale from Nielsen Homescan (such a waste of time, it totally isn't worth it.) and a few things didn't make it into the group shot.

My most exciting parcel of the week came from Ms Bubu! We did a little swap and I received a whole packet full of European goods. I forgot to show the Boots 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Bee Hive. It went straight into my purse. I love it! It is the perfect pinky-nude, and the lipstick itself is light - slightly sheer as well- and it not only has a glossy finish but it moisturizes as well. A really great product. Thanks Stephanie! Of course she also sent me a little army of nail polishes including my first Eyeko product: Petite Polish (for French manicures) Barbra Daly polish in envy, Nails Inc. Diet Coke exclusive polish in caramel ( a very pretty take on nude) and a unnamed Barry M that is a raspberry colour. It came packaged up with a gloss and eyeliner. Annd, a Barry M Dazzle Dust and dual end eyeliners. The Dazzle Dust in tan (no.39) which is a beautifully smooth shadow in the most amazing champaign-y bronze. I couldn't have picked a more perfect shade myself. Also, a book on famous Belgians as a little extra, which has totally made me want to go. I didn't know much about Belgium, but there is a lot of interesting history.

 Beauty UK sent me couple items to try out and review. I got Pearl Eyeliner in Eclipse and Lip Lust gloss in Playboy.

I think this was a Face Book thing- to be honest I don't remember signing up for it, but Dove sent me a large sample tube of their Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditoner. I haven't used it yet, but it smells amazing.

KK Center HK sent me some lashes to review. Some are quite dramatic, but I think it will be fun to try them out.

 I received the free Hello Kitty stamping plate that Born Pretty was giving out last month, but realized I didn't have the scraper and stamper to use it, so I ordered the stamper/scraper kit that came with tip designs. The price was great at $5 and free shipping.

Super Smoocher sent me a Lucy B Lemonade organic lip balm to review. Even better than that you'll get a chance to win one and a Super Smoocher gift card. Stay tuned for that!

Not technically mail, but Avon came in and I got the next set of mini polishes. This is the Ibiza Sol series which consists of Mojito a minty type aqua-green and Tango a oranged tomato shade.

My huge Ebay purchase, a velcro hair bow that holds your bangs back while you put on makeup or wash your face. It was too cute not to get.

And last but not least Garden Botanika Lip and Cheek Stain in Cherry from Garden Botanika to review.

A very good mail week, in my opinion! I definitely have lots of new goods to try out. Anything you're interested in seeing here first?


  1. I must of blogged that dove deal on candailydeals, but I don't remember it either, it any case, I haven't received it yet.

  2. Ooooh great swap goodies! You're so lucky you got Beehive, it's so pretty. I also received this Dove contioner and I don't remember signing up for it either LOL

  3. I love the bow!!! It's so cute! I wanna get one!

  4. sooo cute eyelashes i love it!*o*

  5. Hello Bailey!

    Thanks for the shout out, and also I am glad you love the products! You know what, I shouldve got the 39 Dazzle Dust instead of the 78 Blue I got. I had a similar one from Sleek already!

    Wow that was def a good week for you! And by chance I didn't send any Beauty UK, you might have ended with doubles haha! I went to a Mango shopper event and I also got the Dove conditionner. I love their products, it's a shame I can't find the "original" shampoo here in the UK like in Canada, I just found the one for coloured hair...

    Seems like you're going to be busy reviewing, which is good!

  6. hey bailey, where did you order your stamper and scraper from? i need to get myself one desperate to try it out :) x

  7. @ Bailey -Aw thanks for a reply x Ive jst ordered a konad started kit off ebay but yeah i love how cheap all the plates are on their site , only thing is i live in the uk so it may take a few weeks to get here but im sure i can wait with how much of a bargain it is :D x thanks again x
    Sophie-Lou x


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