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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: Lex Cosmetics Nail Polish in Nectar

This post is cursed... maybe? I have had obstacle after obstacle trying to get through it. From peeling polish to a lack of fresh AA's it's been nothing but trouble. Anyhow, it's here now, so best get to it.

The creator of Lex Cosmetics was awesome enough to send me a bottle of her polish for review. If you haven't heard of Lex polishes yet, I'll give you a bit of the bio. Alexa (aka Lex) created the brand to fill her need for the perfect sea foam polish and realized other ladies might have a similar issue. Lex Cosmetics is allows you to have a chance at creating your own custom colour. You simply send them a photo of your inspiration and your colour story (ie. what makes your choice special.) If selected by Lex staff it then goes to the voting stage where website viewers have their say and the winner gets made into a shiny new polish. I think it is an ingenious idea! Want to submit a colour? Go here.

" I was home sick with the flu on a very cold, rainy day. This color really jumped out at me and elicited all the feelings I was craving at that moment: warmth, summer, juice, sunshine, refreshment, etc.
It made me think of all things that were about to come in season...peaches, mangoes and metallic sandals. OK, so that last one doesn't belong, but maybe an inspiration for the next round of colors".- Nectar by Valerie

When I checked out the colours available I was really undecided as to which was my favourite, so I challenged myself to go for a shade that I normally wouldn't. I ended up picking Nectar a slighly peachy bright pink creme. I love this sort of colour when I see it on other people, but I just don't know if I like them on me. Since it is spring I took the plunge, and can say I am happy that I did. This shade is pretty bright, which kind of scared me at first, but it is so pretty. I couldn't stop looking at it once I had it on.

Initially I did have an issue with this one, when I first applied it I didn't use a topcoat and I must have had moisturizer residue or something on my nails because the polish peeled a few hours after I applied it. Like full on nail- peeling -no -colour -left-behind. It seemed very odd to me, so I redid them, making sure my nails were fully dry and clean. After my second attempt, I am happy to report that I had no peeling and found that my polish lasted about five days without any major touching up required, which is a crazy long time for me. Application was great and I got a perfect opaque manicure in two coats.

Overall I'm really happy with this polish and will most defiantly try out a few more shades. Have you tried Lex Cosmetics nail polish? What did you think?

This item was sent for the purposes of review, but no compensation was received and all opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. This is so exciting! Thank you for posting Bailey! I love nail polishes and all those colors!

    The Nectar color reminds me of the Inglot NOTD I just posted. Isn't that the perfect shade for Spring?


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