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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mail Haul!

Today was so crazy hot... why? I need a slower build to the heat, I don't care for it, but when it gets hot so fast I just don't adjust well. Anyway, I braved the heat to do boring daily necessities (bank, groceries, post office and the like.) When I was done will all that I was greeted to a full mail box, which can make even the worst day just that little bit more amazing.

First were some fabric coasters from Art by Anna. These are a gift for my mom. She kept saying she wanted another set of fabric coasters after her last set got all lumpy in the wash. It took me a few weeks to clue in that I could find a set on Etsy. The little buggies are too cute! 

I managed to get in on the seven day trial of Kiehl's that was being offered on their Facebook page. It came with Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate, Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Ultra Facial Cream which was chosen just for me based on the survey I completed when I signed up.

I got a nifty little certificate from the organization I volunteer with. I missed their annual appreciation dinner this year, but I was awarded my Senior Tutor Certificate, which means I've logged 40+ hours with my students. 

I love stud earrings (90% of my earrings are studs) so I couldn't pass up these little sterling silver button studs and star stud studs from AgHalo. They are little silver bits of perfection. 

Last, but not least, a few polishes I ordered from Amazon with gift cards I got by cashing in my Swag Bucks. I never thought I'd see any prizes from it, but it really didn't take long to collect enough. I ordered an Essie mini cube from the 2010 Resort Collection. I've wanted Splash of Grenadine for quite some time, but I couldn't find a seller who shipped to Canada, so I went with the mini cube. I also got a couple China Glazes in Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz and For Audrey.

Did you get any good mail today? Do share!


  1. I can't tell you how many bottles of nail polish and free cosmetics I've got from swagbucks, I love that site to pieces. :)

    I got my Kiehl's samples today too, the midnight recovery with the little medicine dropper applicator is so cute.

  2. Think i might look more into the Swagbucks site.

    I like the polishes, those are nice colours!

    Yesterdays I have received a commemorative pen for Kate and William's wedding!

    Have a good day!

  3. The studs are really cute, love the star ones!

  4. Love these mail posts, b/c of them my online shopping habits have increased...just so I can blog about it I think :)

  5. Nice nail-polish choices! I wore China Glaze For Audrey recently and absolutely loved it.
    - Mary


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