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Friday, May 20, 2011

Smashbox Birthday Haul!

As you know from my Sephora haul, it was my bday a while ago. This year, pretty much everyone I know deemed me too hard to buy for, so I found myself with a nice little pile of birthday cash. I didn't know exactly what I wanted, so I've been doing little bits of shopping here and there. One of those places was Smashbox. Did you know they have a points program that includes a birthday gift? Indeed they do! When I set up my account I made my bday in May, so I could space out my ordering (since my actual birthday is in April and I make my Sephora order then, gotta give the ol' wallet a bit of a break.)

Smashbox Try It Kit $19

I did some major browsing before I made my order (there was only one item I really "needed") and decided on the sampler. It looks pretty neat and gives you pretty large size samples of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, Photo Finish Lid Primer, Limitless Eye Liner, Hyper Lash Mascara, and Lip Enhancing Gloss. I'm most excited about trying the primer.
Brow Tech Brow Wax $20

The item I was really wanting was the Brow Tech Wax. I've been doing a major overhaul on my brows and have a great powder, but was in need of a wax. I've been using an all in one type balm that can be used for brows, but I am almost out. I searched locally for brow setting type products and could only come up with clear mascara. Hopefully this stuff lives up to it's reputation. Review to follow (eventually!)


Like Sephora, Smashbox really makes with a girl feel important with awesome samples. You get to choose from three deluxe samples, two smaller packet samples and they throw in an extra deluxe sample if you are a member of their loyalty program; Pretty Points. My Pretty Points sample was Artificial Light in Glow, the most gorgeous bronze highlight that isn't shimmery, it actually makes skin glow. I'm not really into highlighters (or bronzer for the most part) but I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this this summer. My smaller sample was of Photo Finish Lid Primer, and my deluxe sample was of Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer in Luminous. I almost bought it (in that shade too) but I thought maybe it would be best to give it a try first.

Bday Gift

Annnd, the birthday gift! I had seen it on blogs and it was a Smashbox tin and a stripy blush/bronzer and a gloss, but I guess they've changed it. I got a mini gloss in Cocktail Hour, a very pretty mauvy shade and Double Exposure Lip and Cheek Colour in Speedracer in a little coin purse type pouch. Initially I was totally disappointed in the shade; a very brown looking colour in the pan, but when I gave it a fast swatch it wasn't so bad. I'll have to play around with and see how it works.

Service wise, shipping was pretty fast, even though I chose the cheaper method which could take 2-4 weeks (it took about 2.) Shipping is free in the US, but so I had to wonder if it would be sky high for Canadian orders, but it wasn't bad. I ordered everything seen here and a mascara (for a friend) and only paid $12. Not bad, considering what some other sites charge. 

Have you ordered from Smashbox? What is/are your fave products by them?


  1. Wow you girl spoiled yourself for your birthday that's good!

    I have never tried Smashbox yet.I don't even know if they are available in the UK, but I saw them quite often in Shoppers/Pharmaprix in Canada. Don't you have a Shoppers near you? That way you could save on shipping!

  2. That kit is so cute! Happy Birthday

  3. @Ms Bubu
    My Shopper's is pretty lacking when it comes to the higher end brands. They usually only have one or two Smashbox products at a time. I wish they had more!

    @Vintage Makeup
    Thanks :D

  4. How do u get the bday gift how many points do u need to get

    1. You don't need any points. If you're signed up, you get an email around your birthday with a code for the gift.


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