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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swatches: Essie Topless and Barefoot & Sand Tropez

I meant to get these posted ages ago, but... well I obviously didn't. I found these in the clearance bin ($2!) if you can believe it (along with Nice is Nice) and almost only grabbed one, since they are pretty similar, but I'm pretty happy I grabbed them all.

Essie Topless and Barefoot

As you've probably already seen, both of these shades are beige-y nudes, but Topless and Barefoot has a touch more pink and somehow makes me think of marshmallows... even though it is way too beige to actually look like one. I love this colour! I have a pretty big collection of nude type shades and I have nothing like this. It's a nice way to wear nudes for the summer since it is a lighter take. I think this shade could look great on a lot of people as well.

Essie Sand Tropez

Sand Tropez is muddier, and is a almost concrete gray take on a nude. It is similar to Topless and Barefoot, but also completely different at the same time, if that makes any sense... but a really nice shade. Again, it is completely different than any nude shade I have.

Overall, two great shades. What Essie colours have you been into lately? I picked up Aruba Blue, but I haven't worn it yet, I think I want Coat Azure as well. I'm really into blues lately... While on the Essie topic I wished I had passed on Sugar Daddy, it is really sheer. Oh well, I'll quit rambling now!


  1. Wait, you found these in the clearance?? Lucky you!!
    I love Topless & Barefoot, it is such a pretty colour!

  2. clearance where? that's so crazy. I buy most of my nail polish on amazon with swagbucks because paying retail is just murder.


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