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Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Glymm Box

You probably know this, but I love subscription services! The newest one to hit the scene is the Glymm Box. I missed signing up for the first one (by one day! urg) so the one I got is their second go 'round.

Glymm Box is essentially the same as Birch Box, meaning that you pay $10 and get credits towards purchasing the full size item from them. Much the same as Luxe Box as well, except that at the moment you cannot purchase full size items from Luxe Box.

Since I'm on the topic I might as well go over the main differences I've noticed between Glymm Box and and Luxe Box:

Glymm Box
  • $10
  • recurring payment (meaning you don't have to pay for your subscription all at once)
  • larger/cuter "treat" (you'll see what I mean later)
  • credit system
  • more packaging used to ship

Luxe Box
  • $12
  • full size item in each box when you subscribe for 3 months or more at a time
  • personalized message in each shipment
  • pay for subscription in full
  • padded box
Onto the goods...

As you can see, Glymm Boxes are sent in little pink boxes adorned with the Glymm logo. When you open it up you are greeted by a little message with your menu on the back. This month I received:
  • My Face Works Detox Mask
  • Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss in Infinite
  • Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer
  • OPI mini Nail Polish (what shade??)
  • and a sweet treat; tangerine Jelly Belly jelly beans

So cute! and if you are wondering, the labels come off easy so the canister can be reused.

Annoyingly, the OPI minis do not have a name on them. Anyone know what colour this is? It's a pale gray shade with a bit of fine shimmer. I quite like it. I thought that I knew what colour it was, but I realized I was thinking of a China Glaze polish.

Overall, I like the Glymm box, even though I already have the lip gloss (this one will be added to my giveaway.. coming soon!) and multiples of the primer (into the giveaway as well.) The fact that there is no full size product is a bit of a bummer though. I think I'll continue to subscribe for a while and see how the variety compares to Luxe Box.

Which subscription service do you like best?


  1. what great goodies!! we've only recently got 1 system like this here in australia it's called lust have it, i'm very very curious to try it out :)

  2. Cute! Thanks for sharing. :D And the polish looks like it might be OPI I vant to be a-lone star. ^^

  3. Hi Bailey!

    I also had a mini OPI varnish without a name on it. I think if you look on the bottom, you should see a number, and then research it on the net. Hope that helps!

  4. The polish looks lovely! I have no idea what color it is, sorry!

  5. @Lily
    lol, what a cute name! You should give it a try!

    I think you're right (I just googled it) You're so smart! :D

    @Ms Bubu
    Hey Stephanie!
    I didn't know that those numbers meant anything. Good to know for future reference. Thanks!

    Thanks! Liz got it, it's I Vant to Be a Lone Star!

  6. I was kind of meh on my Glymm box. Everything was so tiny!

  7. Thanks for comparing these sample size subscription services. It's neat that sent you an OPI Mini but sorry I don't know the color.

  8. OPI - I Vant to be A-lone Star


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