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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Desk Job

I am supposed to be working on a "real" post, but I'm tired and all I can think about is going to bed. It probably doesn't help that I'm in bed trying to type with one hand while holding a very sleepy kitty in the other...

I'm going to be re-designing my bedroom, and desk/workspace area, so I'm all into design right now. I have a kind of obsession with desks/vanities. I love how personal our everyday stuff can look all laid out and what not. I must say a messy desk is much more interesting than a super clean looking streamlined one. I can't help but think of a quote (I've forgotten the source...) but it summed up my love of a messy desk in saying those with an orderly desk will never know the thrill of finding something they deemed irretrievably lost. Which is after all, quite possibly the best feeling ever. I headed to We Heart It for these gems:

That last one was just too cute not to.

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  1. Aw I want that bunny, how cute! :) Anyways, I love the 3rd photo


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