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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dupe of the Day: Pink Kiss Fragrance

Another item from the forgotten photo file... It should be said that I love Aqulina Pink Sugar. Some may say it's too sweet or juvenile, but I love the vanilla caramel sweetness of it. I had been getting an amazing deals on the large bottle from a local store (they were selling the big one for the size of the small one.) I had a habit of buying it two bottles at a time, so I would never run out. Then the unexpected happened, the store stopped carrying it. I took that as a sign to try other perfumes, and I have been, but I still had a hankering for the Sugar.

While I was browsing Wal Mart, I spotted this little gem: Pink Kiss. I've seen the display before, all sorts of designer inspired fragrance roll ons, but I'd never seen this one. For $4.97 I thought I'd might as well give it a go.

I will say I wasn't expecting much, but this little guy is pretty much spot on to the original. The dry down isn't quite the same (not as distinctly caramel-ish) but it is so close I have been back and stocked up on a few more. I love that it is so close to the original and a fraction of the price compared to the Pink Sugar roller ball Sephora is selling. And, it's portable (extra bonus!)

All in all a great little find. They had a bunch of other fragrances as well, but nothing I was interested in. Do you have any designer impostor fragrances you love?


  1. I'll have to check it out! Thanks Bailey :)

  2. I just bought this; it's dead on! Your review is accurate!

  3. Thanks for the review Bailey! You can check out all of our fragrances and other products at and follow our deals on Facebook:


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