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Monday, August 15, 2011

MAC Haul

A little brown box full of little black boxes filled with cosmetic goodness. What could be better? Not too much, if you ask me.

I needed a few things, okay well I only really needed one thing, but who just orders one thing? I recently hit pan on my MSFN and to be honest was a little alarmed. I have been using it for so long I was beginning to think I'd never get there when low and behold I did. I thought that there was something in it. Nope, just pan. I was going to get it again, it's really great powder, but they were out of my shade. I went with the Studio Careblend instead. I must say, it's pretty great as well. I haven't used it enough yet to know which I prefer though.

I also got:
* Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation
*Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Royal Azalea and Bare Again
*Paint Pot in Rubenesque
*Lipglass in Evolution Revolution

Hauled anything interesting lately?


  1. great haul! i can't wait to see the reviews/swatches :)

  2. I've just hit the pan on msfn too, absolutely heartbroken :( Sooo poor atm!

    I love prolongwear xx

  3. The lipsticks and lipglass look gorgeous!


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