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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My September Julep Maven

If you read many blogs- and I would assume if you're reading this you do- then you've most likely heard about the Julep Maven* program and all of the troubles users have been having with it. I'm not going to go over all of the details about how the program works as I did in my last Julep post (read it here.) As for the business about referral links, I (like many) contacted Maven about it because I knew I'd had referrals. I was told I'd receive a free month to make up for the trouble and was issued a new referral link that is supposed to work.

But enough of all that... onto the goods!

The first item I got my little hands upon was the Julep Everyday SPF 30 Hand Cream ($28) I must say this is one expensive hand cream. I would never pay that much for one on it's own. I gave it a fast try and it is quite nice- thick but not too thick, almost unscented and it absorbs really quickly with no greasy residue. I think that I will enjoy using this.

Boris & Nicole

I received the American Beauty selection this month, even thought I had requested and got confirmation from Julep many weeks ago that I had had my selection changed to It Girl. I'm not pleased that they never changed my account. Why would I keep subscribing if I am going to get shades that I am not all that happy with. I sent them an email about it, hopefully they get it all sorted out. All that aside, the Julep folks got lucky, I actually like this shade. I haven't even used last month's polishes as I'm not sure if they're me (they might end up in my giveaway.) Where was I? Right, the polish I received is Boris & Nicole ($14)- which I keep wanting to call Boris & Natasha. The shade is a deep red toned bronze. I think it will be great for fall. I guess I was lucky that some of my Butter London polish fell off, I was able to get a quick swatch for you. I'll have a full NOTD soon enough.

The last item is Julep Essential Cuticle Oil ($18) This is another product that I would never have bought at full price. That said, I do like that this cuticle oil has a roller ball applicator on it. I usually use a solid cuticle oil (hello, Burt's Bees) because it works, and it is spill proof. I'll have to try this out a bit before I can say much else.

All total this month's Maven selection has a retail value of $60. It was slightly disappointing though, as I did not get a "revised shelf pull" like I was supposed to, there was only one polish selection and there were no samples.

Do you subscribe to the Julep Maven program? What do you think about the "controversy"?

*indicates referral link

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  1. I really like Boris & Nicole as a fall color! I just wrote a post about all the controversy, I feel like everyone just freaked out to quickly and didn't give Julep chance to resolve the issues! But still people are getting either really good customer service or really bad, even thought your "style" was fixed but obviously it wasn't.


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