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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review: Cake Indulge

I love the Purolator/UPS guy. They leave me goodies in my porch, goodies like the new Cake fragrance Indulge. The Purolator guy also leaves me my newspaper. He's so nice that he drops it off in my porch for me when he makes deliveries on Thursdays. He's a keeper. Anyhow, I was quite excited to see that I had a parcel from Cake!


As you can see I had some assistance with my photos (why does blogger make them look so dull? They look way better when I upload them....) Anyone who has a cat knows that sometimes there is no dealing with them. Today was one of those days, so I just worked around her.

This scent is described as a "delicious blend of warm vanilla, rich florals, and creamy caramel" which is pretty much spot on, it you take away the whole rich florals aspect. The break down- notes wise:

Top: citrus sparkle, fresh and juicy orchard fruits, caramel syrup, island sugar cane and star anise.

heart of rich florals of jasmine, rose, lilly of the valley and water lilly.

warm vanilla met with sweet powdery notes.

Well, that's what the Cake folk say. Now, onto what I say (which is what you were waiting for, right?) This is one sweet fragrance. If you like Pink Sugar, you'll like this. They aren't the same, but they both bring the sweet factor. From the initial spray you get the citrus (lemon to me) and a hint of the "juicy orchard fruits" but mainly lemon and the sugar and an almost cookie/bakery type scent. As it starts to dry down I don't detect the floral notes, but upon the final dry down you get a bit more of the deeper, warmer vanilla notes.

If you picked up on any of the Barbie collection cake had a few years ago, you will notice that there is a slight similarity. I love this scent and truly hope that they keep it around for a while and make a matching body wash and lotion. I'd be very pleased if someone made that happen. For all the lovely American readers, this has not been made available for US purchases just quite yet on the Cake website, but it will be soon and will also be sold at Sephora.

My "Model" Igby

Are you a fan of gourmand scents? Will you be purchasing Indulge?


  1. I've never heard of that perfume but it sounds like something I'd like, I will have to check it out. I love the kitty stealing the limelight - soo cute!


  2. awwwww cute kitty!

    Definitely sounds like my kind of scent. :)

  3. @Honeysuckelle
    It just came out! Yeah, Ig likes to make it clear that she's in charge.


    It is pretty nice, and not so sweet that it's sickening.

  4. This sounds delicious, thanks for sharing - I love sweet scents.:D

    ***** Marie *****
    Freeman Beauty Blogger Kit Giveaway

  5. LOL Your cat is so cute. I know what you mean by working around the cat. T_T

    I think like Pink Sugar at first but it eventually gave me a headache and I had to return this. I need to smell this in person, thanks for the review.


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