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Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Luxe Box

Not sure what Luxe Box is? Read this.
Another month, another Luxe Box. Like last month, this was delivered later than normal, but what can you do? It did however contain some changes that were hinted at last month. The most immediate change was that they sent the boxes in brown, recycled boxes as opposed to the plastic mailer bags they used to use.

Once you opened up the outer box, you were greeted to a sleek black box with the original Loose Button logo. I made notice when they took it away last time, I'm glad they took my thoughts into account! Kidding, anyhow, you slide the inner part of the box out (kind of like a light bulb box) to reveal the "menu".

the menu

talk about personalized service

As you can see they went all out and personalized not only the menu card, but also the sticker used to keep everything neat and in place. I love the button print that lines the box, very cute.

the selection.... notice they use shredded paper now as opposed to batting

Essie "Meet Me at Sunset" full size
Last month there was no full size item, but this month I received another Essie (this is the second full size Essie I've gotten in my box over the past few months) in a shade I probably would have never have chosen for myself. That said, I actually kind of like this. The shade is a juicy red toned tangerine shade that is shiny and happy. Very summery and retro feeling.

Keratase Elixir Ultime
Gee, another hair oil... I was interested in trying Moroccan Oil (which I happily found in last month's box) but I don't have damaged hair, so I don't need these products all the time. This is the third one Luxe Box has sent out. I'll give it a try, but I've had my fill of this type of product. I must say that I am pleased that this is a little pump bottle, so it should be super easy to use carefully.

Chloe Eau de Parfume
This little bottle is just too cute! I was super excited to see this as this is a scent that I have wanted to try ( I also think I want Prada Candy, anyone smelled it yet?) At first I thought that maybe it was too floral for me, but it is very pretty and sort of reminds me of L'ancome Tresor.

Olay Professional Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex
I was surprised to see Olay as a brand in my Luxe Box (anyone notice they have not received anything from the majority of the brands that Luxe Box has listed on their web site?) but again, what can you do? Not much to say about this one, just an eye cream. Promises, promises...

Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance Vial
This product is not a "deluxe" sample, it is only good for one use. Chaces are you could get this at your local drugstore (aka Shoppers' Drug Mart for us Canucks) free of charge. That said, this is the "product launch" so we are to believe that we're the first to get to give this product a try. Just what is it though? It's a "concentrate of smoothing agents and moisturizers for a lifting effect and instant radiance" hummm...

Overall, this wasn't too bad of a selection, but I'm still not convinced if I am happy enough to continue to subscribe at the $12 a box price when my founding member subscription (which is $10 per box) runs out next month.

We'll see. Do you subscribe to any of these services? Did you get any great items this month?


  1. I like when there is full size products! That Essie shade will be nice in the summer months.

  2. I like the goodies in your Luxe box for October.....especially Chloe perfume!

  3. Ohh you got a chloe perfume? That's a nice one, I have it in full-size. I got a china glaze crackle instead of your essie, otherwise all the products were the same.


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