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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Gradual Descent into a Life you Never Meant

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Another unplanned absence on my part... life can suck you know. Without getting too detailed, I will say people (more specifically boys) complicate life and inner ear imbalances leave you feeling... well imbalanced. I've always had ear issues, I think the majority of my life (ages 6 months- 15) I was in some stage of an ear infection, but I've never had one leave me feeling like a spinning top. Luckily it's almost gone.

Of course, all of that did not stop me from picking up a few things... okay, maybe quite a few things. Now, I'm completely backed up (blog wise that is) and am not entirely sure where I'll start.

A few of the particulars I acquired:
- The Balm Cast Your Shadow (aka the Muppet) Palette
- Wet n' Wild Colour Icon 8 pan shadows
- November Luxe Box and Glymm Box
-Origins Perfectly Protected Gift Set
- Pacifica Island Vanilla and Indian Coconut Nectar Roll on Perfumes
- Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in Rose Rondezvous

Along with some major shopping, I got a bit (teeny bit, anyway) father in decorating my bedroom. As you probably noticed by my on the floor photos, I don't have my desk yet, but it should be ready by next week.

I hung my branch, I love the shell inserts and that it looks so great with my paint colour (Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone)

Not hung yet, but nicely framed ($9 each with matts at Wal Mart) are my Whimsically Mellow prints. The furniture they'll hang over isn't dry yet, so they sit patiently waiting.

Annd, my favourite item so far, my cloud wall! The electrical receptacle still needs replacing, but still it is gorgeous. I still have a ton of the mural panels left so now I'm trying to think of how many cloud crafts I can create. I might try to cover my door.... we'll see.

Have you hauled/decorated anything interesting lately?

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  1. Wow a haul is right!! You got some amazing stuff. Don't let the boys get you down :)


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