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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mail Haul IV


Today was the first day of snow! Not that I really care for snow, but it does look pretty magical in the morning when there is fresh snow dusting the ground and trees. I kept my blinds open last night in anticipation. I had a feeling it would snow... the forecast said rain.

Today also brought a nice little haul of goodies to my mail box. That, in my opinion trumps snow any day.

Dumb Blogger, that line was not there before I uploaded.

Last week I was notified via email that someone had singed my up to receive the Shana Logic Necklace of the Month. That someone is my best friend Kyley and she is just too awesome for words. Best Christmas present ever? I think so! My first necklace arrived today and I love it to bits! It's (at least I think...) little cherry blossoms on a branch. So pretty. Of course now I'm super excited to see what the other 11 necklaces I have coming my way will look like.

I ordered a few nail polishes last week from Nail Polish Canada, partly to take advantage of the promotion they currently have running: use code TRYSOULSTICE446 to get a free bottle of Vegan Polish by Soulstice Spa free. You even get to choose the shade. I chose "Troy". I'll have a swatch up soon. I also got:

- Essie Matte About You
- Seche Restore
- Orly "Rage"
- Essie LuxEffects "Shine Of the Times"

and the candy cane they so nicely threw in. Can you believe it shipped from Vancouver to Toronto (and a bit) without breaking?

*eeks* naked nails!

An Ebay purchase: two blingy cell phone cases. They were too inexpensive and cute not to get. They came with screen protectors as well, which I'm very thankful for. I'm always afraid I'll put a huge scratch in it. I am so loving my new phone too (Samsung Galaxy Ace). makeup!

My "Hazel Hat" from Bobbins and Beagles. I've had my eye on it for quite some time, but I have a large head (to hold my impressively large brain, of course) and usually end up with cute hats that slideoff my head four minutes after putting them on. After a fast convo, Rose was awesome and assured me she could set me up. I am so smitten with this hat, it isn't even funny.

Happy Scarves!

My scarves from Happy Scarf. I got a leopard print and a plaid "cashmere" (faux, but sooo soft) both from the clearance section and a whopping $12 each. I so didn't need them, but I love scarves. They are such a fast way to liven up your winter (and any season) wardrobe. I think these will both look great with my new black pea coat.

Last bu not least, a new home for all of my scarves ( I need to keep them happy). Such an ingenious gadget: it keeps scarves and belts tidy and together for easy closet storage. Look for this soon in Avon. I also got the purse organizer. It's a nifty hanging gizmo that has little folding shelves and elastic to safely house bags when not in use.

That's all that has arrived so far... still a few tidbits to come. Have you gotten any fun mail lately?


  1. I have a similar hat! I love the Orly polish, so elegant for Christmas!

  2. I love Orly's "Rage"! It's very similar to a Twilight Nox polish I bought called Wine & Dine which turned out to be my favourite nail polish colour ever :)


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