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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: The Balm Muppet Show "Cast Your Shadow" Face Palette

This was a very unexpected purchase. I know, "how can it be unexpected?" you're thinking. As you might know, this limited edition Muppet Palette was tricky to get. There were only 1000 made and to "fairly" distribute them the Balm used a lottery type system for ordering. I thought that the way they went about it was a bit flawed, but who am I to complain because I got one and I know there are many ladies who didn't.

When the opportunities to order came around I decided to pass on it all together. Sure I wanted one, I was a huge Muppet fan as a kid and still kind of am. After assuming that all the spots on the order list were long gone, I saw one last chance to snag one when the Balm posted the rules on Facebook. I took the chance and obviously got one! I was pretty pleased. I didn't care for their $20 shipping cost, but a few weeks later palette 993 was safely delivered to my door!

Note: All photos are large. Click any for full size.

proof of limited status

Waldorf and Statler grace the back, as cheerful as ever.

Mirror in top flap. I love that they included Sweetums!

16 eyeshadows/ liners and shadow/liner brush

all shadows
click for full size

Tres Mois, Wocka Wocka, Meep Meep, Mahna-Mahna, Sensational, Celeebrational, Muppetational

"Woman, Woman", Curtain Call, Great Gonzo, Kissy Kissy, Wild Child, Lab Coat, Hiii-Yaaa!, Sweedish Pancakes

This is my first experience with the Balm shadows, and I can now see the appeal. The shadows are all highly pigmented and smooth. The true testament to their quality are displayed with Wild Child, Lab Coat, Hii-Yaaa! and Sweedish Pancakes. They are all light shimmery shades that can often end up being the powdery, cakey, sub-par shades in palettes, but the Balm's are all just as gorgeous as all the other shades. These shadows apply beautifully and all the shades in this collection are super wearable. There is only one shade that I might not use too much (Great Gonzo) but 1 out of 16 isn't too bad.

Vintage style illustrations on lower flap

Lip and Cheek Stains & Lip Gloss

Lip and Cheek Stains: Rainbow Connection and Le Diva Lip Gloss: Electric Mayhem

I didn't expect a lot from the lip/cheek products in this palette, but the quality is amazing. They designed the palette so that they have their own cover to keep shadow dust out of them, and to keep them from drying out.

Rainbow Connection is a bright coral hued lip and cheek stain that gives an nice flush to cheeks and lips and has pretty good staying power. I found that it didn't stain my lips much, but it did last well on my cheeks.
Le Diva is a medium bright pink lip and cheek stain. It has a nice glossy finish on lips and dries to be a very pretty pink flush on cheeks. Again, I didn't find that this really "stained" my lips, as it wears more like a gloss, but still quite nice.
Electric Mayhem is the lone gloss in the palette, and is a peachy based nude. I wasn't expecting this to be as pigmented as it was, so that was a pleasant surprise. The shade of nude is perfect and would suit pretty much every skin tone. I love that they included the band. It almost (almost) makes up for their not being a Janice shadow.

All said and done this ended up being a rather pricey palette (almost $70 CAD) but the quality of the shadows makes up for it and the Muppet theme is something special to have in my stash. If you missed out on this or aren't keen on the packaging, the Balm is also releasing the same shadow shades but in a non-Muppet themed palette, The Balm and The Beautiful.

Did you snag one of the Muppet palettes? What did you think?


  1. Hi dear, i'm sorry for being anoyying. but I really want ask this to you. If you don't mind. can you sell this muppet palette for me? however I really want it but it's already sold out. that's why I can't buy it ;(
    I've looking out on eBay and they just sell for too much price. 
    so If you think that want to sell it just email me to or just reply me... thankyou ^^

  2. Bailey_AlltheWordsMay 28, 2012 at 3:57 PM

    Hey Elma,
    I'm not interested in selling it. Sorry :)

  3. Adorable! I love this, the colors look great too!


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