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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Laura Mericer Rose Rondezvous Face Illuminator

When I first saw this I was immediately smitten. I often admire products like this, but talk myself out of purchasing until it's too late, like when it's sold out and the only way to get it is to pay four times what it's worth on Ebay. I mulled this little gem over for a day and then decided I had to have it. It's just too gorgeous not to own it. It's my precious. I just took a peek on Sephora and it seems that it is out of stock.

This floral themed baby is absolutely stunning. Just look at the floral relief motif and rose gold hue. I am finding myself really into rose gold lately, I'm still on the hunt for a large pair of rose gold ball studs... Anyhow, Laura Mericier classes this as an illuminator, but it is pigmented enough that you can also use it as a sheer blush. It is buttery smooth and perfect, but not so soft that you disturb the pattern of the product.

As you can see in the above swatch, this does throw a fair amount of sheen, but nothing garish or over the top. The rose gold hue is gorgeous on skin, and I think that it could work well on pretty much any skin tone.

I really love this product, even thought the $42 USD/ $50 CAD price tag was a bit scary initially, I just can't get enough of it. I don't know which I want to do more: wear it, or frame it and hang on my wall.

Have you used this product? What do you think of it?


  1. vovvvv,ı love this illimunator, ı will buy :)

  2. Sooooo pretty..... *is transfixed* O____O

  3. I heard LisalisaD1 rave about this but $50...yikes, maybe it's a good thing it's sold out :)


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