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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Boo, Sephora, Boo! (a mini rant)


It should be known, I lurve me some Sephora, so I was over the moon (and slightly ashamed with myself) when I reached VIB status. Hello perks!

Buut, I can't claim any of them! Every "perk" is restricted from use on Canadian orders. I understand certain ones being restricted, but everything? I just got a really nice $20 off $50 code and go figure, can't use it. Gah! I'd gladly go into a store, but there aren't any in my area so online is how I get my Sephora fix.

Any other Canadian gals a bit peeved with Sephora?


  1. Sorry what is emailing them going to do? I've been complaining about this for years, luckily I know live near a Sephora (several actually) being in Toronto, so I am okay, but living away I was always upset over this.

  2. I'm doubtful emailing will change their policies, but I did anyway. I'm just interested in what their reason is as to why and how they spin it.

  3. I'm upset with them and I'm not even Canadian. I'm an American, but stationed overseas so we get and "American" address on base (which is treated as domestic) so families can send us stuff and not pay international. It works the same way with most online websites, except.... yup, you got it right! Sephora doesn't ship APO, and doesn't even allows me to use my credit card (because billing address is APO too) which is so FREAKING ANNOYING! As a result, I can't shop at Sephora at all while I'm overseas. :(

    So I totally understand how you feel and relate to you!

  4. It sucks! I know being in Canada is not always nice, as the States are near, but sometimes you don't really take advantage of it....

    Why would they do that anyway? If you have a discount code, it's not like a physical product you cannot order?

  5. I felt the same, all the online offers were so good but couldn't be used on the website. I was so happy when Halifax finally got a store.


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