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Saturday, December 17, 2011

"I don't think I have that colour..."

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I totally didn't get do any of the posts I wanted to get to last night and I have all your awesome comments to reply to. I should switch to Disqus, I love talking typing with everyone, but I'm so slow getting responses posted (you can't hear me answering you when I read your comments can you? It would totally save me some time if you could.) I started organizing and time totally got away from me. Today, I started into my nail polish stash...

A) When did I get sooo much? This isn't even including treatments (top/base coats, effects, and what not), nail stickers (think Sally Hansen Salon Effects) and the bulk of my minis.

B) Which method works best for storage: by brand or by colour?

 I went with brand just because I was too lazy to start dividing them up by colour. How do you store your polish; by brand or by colour or by polish stew (aka all in one pile)?


  1. Please do change to DISQUIS! :D Love to be able to chat to you properly.. adding you on twitter now ;D

    LOL, that is one massive collection! :O I usually sort by brand -> colour. It's somehow easier and looks neater to me that way.. but it might just be me

  2. I use by color but that's because they're on display on my vanity, but there's definitely less and less space on it nowadays lol.

    If I were to put them in a drawer, I'd sort them by brand, because it's easier to find the nail polish you want that way!

  3. you have huge collection...I store my nail polishes by brand


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