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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: Maybelline SuperStay 10hr Stain Gloss

Another new Maybelline product that I spotted over the weekend is up for review today: Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss in Mauve Dream. 

I'm not a huge fan of stains; I like that the colour is long lasting, but I find they wear a bit dry and usually if you balm over them, the stain will start to come off and ... yeah, they aren't really something I get excited about. BUT, this is a stain gloss. Intrigued? I was. The product is supposed to wear like a gloss with a shiny, smooth finish, with the long lasting colour of a stain.

 The tiniest label I've ever seen

 Updated version of the doe foot applicator

Like the Colour Tattoo shadows there was a limited variety of shades. Boourns. That was issue number one for me. Number two was the fact that there was no real way to know what the colour actually looked like. The colour of the cap is the only indicator. There was a purple shade that caught my eye, but I was bit weary of what type of purple it would end up being. Barney purple? Who knows. As you'll see in my swatches, the names don't exactly match up with the shades. 

naked lips, for reference

fresh gloss

  worn gloss, after about two hours

Well, as you can see this isn't a very mauve colour... especially not for a product named "Mauve Dream". This is more of a cranberry shade on my lips. This has a sweet fruit punch type scent, which I thought was a bit odd, but I really liked. Aside from the obvious colour blunder, this does have a nice bit of shine. I wouldn't say that it is as shiny as a regular gloss, but still, glossy. Unlike normal stains, the colour from this will transfer, but only until the gloss has worn away. After a few hours the gloss part of this stain wears away, and you are left with the stain. The product name makes the claim that this will "Super Stay" for 10 hours, but will it? Yes, and no. You will for sure have colour for 10 hours (and dry lips, you'll need balm) but you will only have gloss for 2-3, less if you plan on eating or drinking anything.

Overall, this is an innovative product, a few design flaws, but not bad. I think if they put out a bigger range of shades (most are reds, red based pinks, and on the dark side) I would be likely to pick up others.

Have you tried this yet? What shade(s) did you pick up?

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  1. I really likes these. Sure, they don't stay strong for 10 hours, but they are still the longest lasting lip stain product I have ever used. I would love a wider variety of shades, especially shades that are a little less intense, but the ones they have are great when I want the focus to be my lips


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