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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buyer Beware: Kobo Vox

I know this isn't a typical type of post for IKATW, but, my blog, my rules! I kid; I'll have a beauty related review up in a bit. Hold tight, and read this while you wait.

I initially had this titled as a review, but I think I'll end up going off on a tagent of sorts somewhere through  this post. If I leave anything out that you'd like to know more about, be sure to leave me a comment.

Before I decided that the Kobo Vox was the e-reader for me, I did a bit of poking around. Sure there are reviews up the wazoo, but they're all written by the super techie "I review crap for a living type" who tell you everything but what you really want to know. Where are the reviews for the everyman woman?

Kobo Vox is great for reading, and a little Fruit Ninja break every now and then as well.

I initially loved my Kobo, it wasn't perfect (more on that later) but, it did it's main function very well and it was easy to set up- after the first three failed start-up attempts. When you first start up you have to update the software, and mine just did not want to co-operate. After three tries I was successful. Based on my readings, some buyers never get past setup and end up having to exchange for a new unit. Past the start up snare, I did notice that the touch screen is a bit sluggish and often requires a heavy hand for my movements to register. This wasn't a huge issue most of the time, as it seemed to subside when turning pages in books. It is however a bit annoying during a tense game of Fruit Ninja. I love me some Fruit Ninja.

Along with being able to download apps (from the Android Marketplace) you can obviously use this for ebooks. Kobo Vox uses epub files, which you can purchase from their estore, or if you're crafty, you can find online from various epub sites. I was amazed at all the new titles I was able to find for free. After I downloaded the books to my computer, all I had to do was plug in my Vox via it's USB and turn on mass storage. From there a little drag and drop, and the files were good to go. All that was left was to use the sync function from my bookshelf and they appeared like magic. I haven't gone into amazing technical details here, so if you's like the specs see this.

I know what you're thinking... sounds kind of like I like it, why the whole beware thing? Good question, friend. Because after a mere 28 days of use my Vox seems to be catatonic and customer service seems to want to do little to get to the bottom of it. Glad my one year warranty is there for protection. It all started last Thursday. I was reading and turned it off like normal ( if you don't turn it full on off, sleep mode eats up your battery like wow) but when I went to use it a few hours later, I got nothing but a blinking light. Odd. It was about 80% charged so I couldn't see what the issue would be. Now, I'm pretty good with electronics and don't mind getting in there to fix things, so I headed online to see what I could do to get that bad boy online. I tried the reset with no luck. I didn't want to (as it would wipe out all my stuff/info) but I tried the factory reset- with no luck. I figured this was a good time to email the Kobo help line and went to bed. The following afternoon when I still couldn't get the thing to turn on, and one pointless email from the Kobo folks telling me to do exactly what I had told them I already did, I decided to get my hands dirty. Luckily, it seems like a lot of others have had issues with their unit and I was able to find a few other fixes. I'll save you the details, but let's just say that they didn't work.

I made a call to the help line- what would be the first of many- and got great service. The woman I spoke to actually listened to me and didn't treat me like an moron. She stated that I could try returning it to Chapters/Indigo, and if they wouldn't accept it, phone back and they'd go about my replacement. Flash forward to now, a week later, and countless calls and emails, and I still have a $200+ paperweight (my Vox) and no answer as to how to fix it or go about exchanging it. Fun, Fun. You would think at least one person at the company would have had computer repair training.

Do you have an e-reader? What do you think of it?

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  1. I had an android, given the fact it wasnt an english make ect. It did the job, but we've had so many complications that it isnt worth it anymore. It feel like they're chundering out so much that there is no care put into them. However you pay £400+ for an ipad and get the world and more. Its a shame you have to pay that price to get a decent item .All i wanted was a book reader, play some apps, use the internet option. But its just not worth the £80 and I'm sending it back and am thinking of saving for an ipad. Atleast Iknow if it goes wrong I can go straight to the apple store and they'll fix it.


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