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Sunday, January 15, 2012

NOTD: Nubar Gem

This year, I was very restrained when it came to my Boxing Day shopping; I only did one order. Of nail polish. I so didn't need any more, but the prices were so very good that I just had to. Of course, now I have a little heap of polishes to swatch, and none of them are from the same collection... 

Anyhow, the first I'll be sharing, is Gem from Nubar's Prisms Collection.

Nubar has had a lot of fame due to their dazzling holos ( I got Reclaim a while ago as well, very excited to try it out!) and this shade follows suit. Gem is a slightly lilac leaning taupe filled with holographic glitter. I found the formula a bit thin with this, and ended up needing three coats, which wasn't so terrible, as I found that this dries very quickly. You'll want to add a couple of coats of top coat with this one as well, as it dries to a rather gritty finish. I have a tendency to constantly rub/feel my nails when they aren't smooth...anyone else? 

I love that this polish is a mix of a more sophisticated ladylike shade, but with a twist of fun holo thrown in. Have you tried this polish? Which Nubar shade is your fave?
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