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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Skin 79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream

A very long overdue review... I've promised every time I mention this that a review will follow soon, and it never has. Until now. Some time ago, I posted a review of Skin 79's BB Cream miniatures, and had a massive response to the post and BB creams in general. While I'm no expert on the subject, I will share some of my "insider info". For a basic introduction to BB cream, see my miniatures review (link above.)

If you have an interest in BB Creams, then I'd say that you've seen them start to creep into North America- they originally were not something available in the mainstream market- but many brands have started introducing their take on the popular product. I've yet to try any of them, but there are so many slated to be introduced in 2012, I'm sure I'll sample at least a few of them. 

 Skin 79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream

Skin 79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream lightly blended

When I first started testing out the miniatures, I expected to like the "hot pink" (as it is most often called) version the best as I had read so many reviews of it and many other bloggers hail it as their HG. But, that just wasn't so. The "light pink" was the one for me. The texture is similar to a thick foundation and from what I've been able to find, is only available in one shade. I usually fall into the second lightest shade in foundations, or NW20 to make it even easier, and find that this is the perfect match for me. I think that it could be used for skin that is one shade lighter and one shade darker, but any lighter or darker and I think you may have issues.



BB cream is meant to be a complete product, meaning that it incorporates your moisturizer/skin care/ sun protection with your foundation. Think tinted moisturizer on steroids. If you are prone to dry skin, you are going to want to moisturizer before hand, as this won't be enough for your skin. It isn't a drying product though and  will keep you from feeling dried out through out the day. I read somewhere that a facial mist is actually the best thing to apply before bb cream to "plump" the skin, and after trying that method, I am hooked. One of my favourite mists is JuJu Peach Whitening Mist, btw. 

When it comes to actually applying this, I just used my fingers for the longest time, but I have now started to use a foundation brush (which I never use for foundation...) a Sigma F60 to be exact. I use the foundation brush to get the product on my face and evenly distributed. Then I blend it in further with my fingers. Something about this just needs the warmth of your hands to get the best application. The finish is light, but I find that it does cover quite well. I happened to have a cat scratch on my hand, so I used that as an example. You can see in the photo above how well it blurred the imperfection.
On that note, this is a buildable product. I've used a tad extra under my eyes and used it instead of concealer. What could be easier? 

In terms of setting, I usually do, MAC MSF Natural is a favourite companion of this, but it isn't really necessary. I do it more so out of habit, but the finish of this leaves skin looking so natural you can go sans powder and still have it last all day. 

I really do love this product- I have backup just in case I unexpectedly run out. I can't tell how I'll know when my first tube gets low, so I bought a backup just to extra sure (and I don't have backups of anything on hand.... other than mascara.) I buy mine from a seller on eBay who specializes in Asian cosmetics, but there are a ton of online etailers who carry Skin 79.

Have you used BB cream? Which brand/type do you like?


  1. wow the coverage is very good..
    thanks for the review ^^

  2. Any suggestions for where to order this online (aside from ebay) that ships to Canada?

  3. @Shasha
    You're very welcome :D

    You can get it directly from Skin 79

    They have a rewards club as well, but I haven't really looked into it.

  4. I've only tried one BB cream *cough* that Garnier thing doesn't count *cough* which was the Missha Perfect Cover and I really like it! I'd like to try more BB creams but am too lazy to buy samples and try to find one that matches me :P I'll have to try that facial mist tip next time I wear mine!

  5. I have so many BB creams sitting at home it's not even funny, strange thing is, i've tried most of them once or twice but my "HG" i suppose is the Skin79 Gold one :)

  6. I haven't tried BB Cream yet, except the "thing" that Garnier does, which in my opinion is a tinted moisturizer. I am in the process of looking them out though, but the only reasonable option for me is to order on eBay. I'm quite impressed at how it covered your scratch! Wow! :)

  7. lol! Another non-fan of the Garneir version! I'm looking forward to trying the Smashbox one next.

    In terms of colour, most are quite similar from my experience with them, and they do blend in pretty well if you end up with an "off" one.

    Facial mist is a match made in BB cream heaven!

  8. I had a mini tube of the gold one. It's quite similar to this one, a bit thicker and slightly darker though.

  9. I've heard a lot of negative about the Garnier one, not to self: do not buy!

    I like eBay best too, especially since a lot of sellers put stuff on sale right before the listing on 'buy now' products is about to end.

    It does cover quite well, I was even surprised at how well the scratch disappeared!

  10. What seller do u purchase urs from on ebay? Great review! I just got this & looove it! I had prob tried 6 other Asian Bb's b4 this, & while I do like many, this 1 is my fav! I'm nc15, so ur def right about it working for one shade lighter.

    1. Hey Christi! I'm glad it worked for you! I've bought from a couple sellers, but rubyruby76 is one of my favourites for all my Asian cosmetics/skincare. They carry all the big brands, free shipping, and if you wait until the near the end of the listing, you can quite frequently get 20-40% off.

  11. Wow, this BB cream has such great coverage, i love how pretty the packaging is ^_^



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