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Thursday, March 1, 2012

NOTD: Heartbeat City

Today's nail of the day features my new All that Glitters polish Heartbeat City. I have sleep issues, and more often than not spend countless hours browsing online. One of my preferred haunts is Etsy. A few weeks ago I found myself searching nail polish. I must say that there are some amazing frankeists on Etsy. I have a little list of all the polishes I'd like to get my hands on.

 All the Glitters Heartbeat City over Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue

 All the Glitters Heartbeat City over Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue

All that Glitters Heartbeat City bottle macro

I decided the first polish I had to try would be Heartbeat City. Heartbeat City is described as being "a clear pale pink jelly base with blue, aqua and silver halo glitters in various colors, shapes and sizes." Which is pretty much spot on, but the base looks more lavender than pink.

I used Heartbeat City over Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue (a deep royal blue.) The result looks pretty great. The varied holo pieces really catch the light and cast off a range of colour and it is so jam packed with glitter bits I only needed one coat. While I do love the overall effect, the large hex holo pieces are very difficult to get out of the bottle. They all want to migrate to the bottom and stay there. I've rolled the bottle, stored it upside down, and shook it and still have trouble getting more than one out. Hopefully as I use it they will start to come out, as they do have a great colour flash when you see them in the bottle. 

For my photos, I tried using no flash to see if I would be able to get a better representation of the glitter. I'm still having issues getting really crisp glitter shots... any tips? 

Have you bought any 'indie' polishes? Which ones?


  1. wonderful stuff!! i am adding this to my wishlist :)

    thank u!

    -kim from nyc

  2. I love this nail polish, it reminds me of nail polish I use to wear in middle school. I've never bought an indie nail polish but with colors this cute I'd definitely consider it!


  3. Looks gorgeous!
    Im having a giveway, want to check it out?

  4. Nail polish on Etsy? Really!? Well, this is going to be a whole new level to my addiction. Whee!


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