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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Swatched: China Glaze Hunger Games Collection

"May the odds be ever in your favour."

Are you sick of these yet? I must say, I think I've seen my fill of of this collection (blog wise). That is one thing that kind of irks me about the whole polish racquet. By the time us regular, non-press-sample receiving bloggers get our hands on a collection, it's old news and everyone has seen the swatches a thousand times over. Oh, well. You're seeing them again. That mini-rant aside, I do love this collection. I was not a Harry Potter freak ( I read the first book, saw two of the movies and that's it), nor have I been a fan of any other series (Lord of the Rings, Twilight.... whatever) but I do love me some Hunger Games. I read the books around the Christmas season not expecting to be blown away, but three days later and all three books finished, I was a convert.

 original polish names and inspirations, click for full size

 current shade names

If you've been following the collection since the beginning, you'll know that after the initial info was released there were licensing issues and the whole thing was almost scrapped. In the end, the polish shades stayed the same, but the names changed and each shade now represents one of the districts. Hunger Games fanatics will take note that there is no District 13 polish. They should have made it a base coat, you know? Since it's the underground/hidden district? Anyway...

True to China Glaze, the quality of these polishes are spot on. The creams are exactly what you want in your dream polish: creamy and opaque and almost perfect with one coat. Yes, one! None of these were 'problem' polishes. Even the colours I wasn't thinking I'd be into have found a space in my heart. Even the oranges... that's a pretty tough feat to accomplish.

Dress Me Up represents District 8 (textiles) and is a dusty, nude tinted rose colour. This colour was originally meant to named Primrose after the character in the books, which worked well as the soft colour matched her delicate nature.Two coats are shown.

Foie Gras represents District 10 (livestock) and is a dusty deep taupe shade. It's verging on almost being just a dusty brown with a slight purple lean, due to it's depth, so the taupe title is really just a matter of personal preference. Like all the creams in this collection, this shade was amazing to apply and pretty much perfect in one coat. I used two just for perfect coverage.

Fast Track represents District 6 (transportation) and is a cool beige packed with golden micro shimmer. I love this shade, it's definitely one of my favourites out of this collection. This shade was a bit thinner than the others and required three coats to be fully opaque.

Hook and Line represents District 4 (fishing) and is a metallic silver with a taupe lean. I was happy to see that this wasn't just another silver polish. The tint of taupe makes it much more unique. While two coats were all that I needed for this to be opaque, it is a bit of a streak-fest. If you carefully apply the second layer, and apply it as thin as possible, you can majorly reduce the number of streaks, but you won't get a perfectly smooth finish

Stone Cold- no top coat

Stone Cold- with top coat

Stone Cold represents District 2 (masonry) and is a concrete like glitter with a matte finish. The matte finish is unexpected, but makes total sense as it gives the polish a look like graphite or concrete. While one coat was all I needed with this polish, I did find that it didn't wear that well. It scratched easily and looked really worn by the end of the day. When topped with a top coat, the shimmer glows through more, and scraping isn't an issue.

Smoke and Ashes represents District 12 (mining) and is a deep blue black packed with blue and teal micro glitter. The swatch does this shade no justice. In person, the shimmer glows from within and is so much more unique than it sounds. As you can see from when I removed it, there is plenty of shimmer hidden in this polish.

Agro represents District 11 (agriculture) and is an olive hued metallic green with ultra fine gold shimmer. Unfortunately this doesn't apply as a foil, and can be prone to brush strokes if you don't take some care. Other than that, the formula is nice, two coats for full opacity. I love this shade.

Mahogany Magic represents District 7 (lumber) and is a yellow toned brown. I didn't think that I would like this shade at all, but it does have a chocolatey look, and is super glossy (almost jelly like) that I've started to like it. The formula of this shade is perfection and almost a one coater. The above picture is one coat, but you can see a small bald spot on the middle finger.

Harvest Moon represents District 9 (grain) and is a metallic copper. This isn't your average copper, but a more burnt shade. This shade has a foil finish giving it a smooth finish with no brush strokes to be seen.

Riveting represents District 3 (technology) and is a bright orange with fiery golden micro shimmer. I'm not too into oranges, but this polish is so vivid it is hard not to like it. The formula is great, almost like a jelly, and super shiny when dry.

Electrify represents District 5 (power) and is a full glitter. Gold and red glitter packed in a clear base. This applied easier than I expected, as it only really needs two coats to be opaque. I would still use this over  a base polish (red, probably.) This polish was a bit thick and gluey, but nothing out of the ordinary for a glitter.

Luxe and Lush represents the Capital (District 1- Luxury/Government) and is a chunky flakie. This is a bit different than your average flakie, as it is large flakes that are more like glitter. They don't lay as flat on the nail and have a bit of texture, so you'll want a good top coat to smooth everything out. I layered it over Dress Me Up in the photo above.

Overall, I'm quite happy with this collection. It will likely be that last full collection I pick up as I've filled my polish drawer and have 30+ bottles that are currently homeless. My top picks from this collection are Agro, Smoke and Ashes, Fast Track and Dress Me Up. Will you be buying any of these polishes? 

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