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Friday, May 4, 2012

April 2012 Faves

So, I had to try typing '2012' about six times. I kept typing 2013... is that some sort of sign? Maybe? Whatever. After a few months of being a very irresponsible blogger I have my April faves.

A few of these are items I'm trying to finish off, but ended up liking more than I had figured, and a few are items I've been using for months, but never got around to featuring.

Sally Hansen Salon Strength Nail Polish Remover
This was one of those necessities purchase that you just grab. Nail polish remover is nail polish remover right? Well, yes and no. This bad boy is formulated with a higher acetone percentage and removes polish like nobody's business. I have pure acetone to clean up manicures and remove glitters since nail polish remover isn't always strong enough to get the job done, but this stuff is great and really gets through tough to remove polish.

Philosophy Classic Fudge Cake Shower Gel
I bought this last April (for my birthday) and am only now getting to around to proclaiming my love for it. The bottle is huge and you only need a little bit, so this is going to last me FORever, but especially because I keep changing it out and trying other things. The scent of this is amazing; it's like bathing with brownie batter... really light, foamy brownie batter. I've already started a collection of Philosophy shower gels and have an Apricots and Cream stashed away and just ordered the Cherry Italian Soda (for this year's birthday.)

Bioderma Ceraline H20 Micellar Solution
I've had this for a while now, and have been using it sparingly because I didn't have a reliable source to purchase it from. Now that my local drugstore is going to start carrying it and Murale is online I am covered. I can now use this as freely as I like. This micellar is fabulous for not only cleansing skin and removing face makeup but it melts off eye makeup as well. I love how easily it gets through mascara and doesn't require any tugging or rubbing.

Avon Foot Works Sugar Lime Mojito Cooling Foot Lotion
This on my 'use it up list' as it is just an okay product. I admittedly, bought it because I was intrigued by the scent. Unfortunately the scent is really the only thing it has going for it. This is super light and doesn't really provide much in terms of moisturizing and it contains alcohol (to provide the cooling effect) that said, it does feel nice and smells divine.

Marcelle BB Cream in Light to Medium
Review here. I was just so-so about this at first, but I started using on my 'no makeup makeup' days and before I knew it was quite fond of it. It isn't really anything like other BB creams I've used and is more like a tinted moisturizer, but I do like it.

Avon Solutions Maximum Moisture Eye Cream
I found this during a cleaning sweep and was a bit embarrassed... I have no memory of buying it and it was still new in the box *eek*. I'm not usually one to buy eye cream, but I am not getting any younger and figure I should include it in my skin care routine. This one is just a cheapie, but works quite well. It absorbs quickly, isn't too heavy or greasy and gives a good dose of moisture and a little dab goes a long way.

Revlon Tutti Frutti Lip Butter, MAC Prim & Proper Blush, Marcelle BB Cream in Light to Medium

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti
With the Pantone colour of the year being Tangerine Tango, orange hued everything is, well, everywhere. While I already have a bunch of these lip butters, I couldn't help getting Tutti Frutti as well. It's a great introduction to the orange craze as it can be worn sheer or layered for more of a pop. The tone is also really wearable as it isn't too bright.

MAC Prim & Proper Blush
I've been collecting highlighters like a crazy woman, and that leads to using them as well (go figure). I've found that I've come to really like a neutral blush and it happens to look quite nice topped with a bit of highlighter. Prim & Proper is a dusty nude shade with just a hint of pink.

Foundation Sponge
This is not a Beauty Blender. I just couldn't see the point of spending almost $30 on a little piece of foam that I probably would end up hating. This is a no-name $0.99 version I got on Ebay. I got it months ago, but never used it. I stuck it my brush bucket, where it got shoved down between handles and annoyed me endlessly. I figured I'd better try it, before I ended up just chucking it. I was a skeptic, but I really like it. I spray it with face mist before I use it then blend away. I really like the pointed end for concealer as it gives a really natural finish.

Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat
I wasn't looking for a new topcoat, as Seche Vite is great (and I have at least 6 bottles to use... it was on sale, okay?) but this came with the Polka Dots set that I recently picked up (they had sold out of the singles.) I had heard that the formula had been changed on this and a lot of the die hard fans didn't like it anymore so I had never tried it. It doesn't dry as fast as Seche Vite, but it is still much faster than any other topcoat and leaves a gorgeous glossy shine. It also is way less prone to shrinkage than Seche, which is a definate plus.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime
I have WAY too many samples and have set out to use them. I've put a bunch in a spot that I will see everyday and have vowed to use at least one a day. If I don't see stuff I won't use it. This is one of about 20 hair oil samples that I have. I'm nervous about hair oils as I worry I'll use too much and have greasy hair and ugh. I decided to buck up and just try one. Kerastase was the smallest sample so I went with it first. I applied it to damp hair and went about my business. I was amazed, hours later when I brushed my hair, at how amazingly soft and manageable my hair was. It isn't normally terrible (my hair that is) but this took away the slight fluffy almost frizz that I sometimes get and made my hair glowy and wow. Unfortunately the full size of this is a crazy price at $50 and there is most likely something that works just as well for a fraction of the price. Regardless, I will enjoy using this up.

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil
This was a little add in to one of the QVC Tarte bundles. I hadn't used it because, like hair oils, I was nervous about dousing my face with oil. I know that there are oils that can do wonders for dry skin, so I threw caution to wind and gave this a try. LOVE. I've been using this every other night and my skin has never felt so soft. This oil isn't heavy, and absorbs quite quickly. While this is just a mini bottle, it is lasting a very long time and a little bit goes a long way.

Did you have any faves this past month? What where they?


  1. I understand your fear of oils! I'm the same! I am currently trying the Schwarzkopf BonaCure oil, and I like it. I'm not sure if it is less expensive than the Kerastase one though, but you my want to check it out!

  2. Bailey_AlltheWordsMay 5, 2012 at 12:39 AM

     I'll have to remember that one. I've used a few different Scwarzkopf products and they've never disappointed.

  3. ooo that Fudge Cake Shower looks delicious, I swear it would end up making me hungry :O
    I might try that Avon Moisture Eye Cream. I need an eye cream in my life, but there's so many to choose from I end up getting confused >__<


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