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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: La Femme Blush

I think every makeup lover goes through phases where there is a particular product or colour they are on the hunt for. The past while I've been all about purple blushes. I've always had a soft spot for purple lip product so this was just the natural progression of things.

In my search I stumbled across La Femme blushes. The brand was completely new to me, but the price was so low and based on the reviews I found, the quality seemed too good to pass up. Make Up Mania seems to be the best source for La Femme blushes, and is where I purchased mine from. They have a huge selection of colours and at $2.50 each you can totally splurge and get a ton at a time.

La Femme blushes are sold in pan form, meaning they are just in the pan and have no other packaging. I opted to get the 12 pan palette that Make Up Mania sells (here). The palette is made of a durable cardboard and quite sturdy. It has magnetic wells and pin holes so you can easily move the pans around when necessary.

Size wise, La Femme blushes are not labelled with their exact size, but by sight are smaller than MAC ( 6g avg.) but are the same size as Annabelle (3g) and Pandora's Makeup Box (4g) by pan size.

I know that the shimmer in these blushes looks a bit severe in photos, but it is not over the top once you have it on. It adds a nice glow without making you look frosty or glittery. The pigmentation of these blushes are great; the texture is a touch powdery when you apply it and your palette will get a bit messy, but in the end it is worth it as these apply quite nicely.

La Femme Purple Passion

Purple Passion is a blue based purple with blueish shimmer. Unfortunately, it doesn't wear as purple as I would have hoped and leans a bit more plummy. This will make a nice fall/winter shade.

La Femme Grape

Grape is a shimmery red toned purple. It also leans to the plummy side like purple passion but wears with a brighter tone.

La Femme Lilac Champagne

Lilac Champagne is a blue toned bright pink. I don't know how it got it's name, as it doesn't even come close to being a lilac shade, but it is gorgeous none the less. This shade has the least shimmer out of the bunch, but it is still there (sorry about the blurry photo). This is a great bright shade for summer, as it packs some punch but is still super wearable.

La Femme Peach Sparkle

Peach Sparkle is a pink based peach shade with golden shimmer. I'd say that this likely resembles Nars Orgasm, but I don't have it so no comparisons here. I'd say that this is my favourite out of the bunch as it is just so wearable and the shimmer gives such a perfect glow.

La Femme Apricot

Apricot is a tan based peach shade with golden shimmer. I don't think I've come across a peach that is quite this tone before, but I do love it. I've been wearing a lot of neutral toned blushes lately, ans this shade fits into that family, but has the hint of peach to make that extra bit more feminine.

 Purple Passion and Grape

 Lilac Champagne and Peach Sparkle


I will definitely be picking up a few more shades to fill out my palette and suggest any blush fans to do the same. Have you tried La Femme Blushes?

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  1. Love the swatches on apricot and peach sparkles.


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