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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review: MAC Full of Joy

Recently MAC introduced a few new collections, one of which being Tres Cheek, a collection of six blush powders.

"Everyone loves when you blush. Fashioning your choices: A new sextet of M·A·C blush powders. Go hip in bright red-orange, or add a glorious touch of peach, pink or lavender – each shade staying as bright and un-beige on the skin as it is in the palette. With a formula that’s seamlessly sheer and unabashedly buildable, what do you get? a look that says Tres Cheek." -MAC Press Release

I initially passed on the collection as I have a pretty solid blush collection, and obviously, only one face. How much blush does one girl need? I happened to happen upon a swatch of Full of Joy on Instagram and knew it would have to be mine.

 MAC Full of Joy, MAC Giggly, and MAC Azalea Blossom

MAC Full of Joy, MAC Giggly, and MAC Azalea Blossom

Full of Joy is a described as a lavender, but in person it does have a hint of pink. When worn sheer you only get a hint of lavender, but if you layer it up a bit you get a better dose. MAC labels this as a frost, which initially scared me a tad, but the finish isn't frosty at all. It has a luminous quality that is quite pretty and does not add unwanted emphasis to pores. This shade adds a nice feminine wash of colour and totally says spring to me.

In terms of shade, I didn't have anything similar. As you can see I compared Full of Joy to MAC Giggly and Azalea Blossom. Both are darker and lean more towards pink. Overall I'm quite happy that I didn't miss out on this shade. Did you pick up any of the Tres Cheeks shades?


  1. JoJo Beauty-GuideMay 5, 2012 at 8:51 AM

    Very pretty. I think I may pick up one myself.

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