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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rage the Machine, Ladies

It should be no secret that a certain company, who I don't even think needs naming (hint: they make those 'undressed' palettes and gorgeously creamy eyeliners that I'm going to miss) is making the move into China.

I don't think I need to repeat the whole debate, we all know it's a crap idea and is all about 'the Benjamins' as someone much hipper than I might say.  What can the average consumer do though? Well first off, don't. Don't consume, that is. Sure, one person who doesn't whip out the plastic doesn't do much to the company's bottom line, but en mass and they're going to get the message. We're pissed and we have a point to make.

Also, you can add your name (and opinions, if you're so inclined) to this petition. It literally takes seconds. Will we make the big, bad corporation see the error of their ways? Likely, not (I'm being realistic here, okay?), but at least by banding together we'll show them there is more to the cosmetic purchasing women who make up their target audience. We have brains and aren't afraid to rattle a few feathers to get our message across.


  1. Ashlyn Nirvana HowieJune 12, 2012 at 4:55 AM

    Im actually surprised at how bloggers are reacting to urban decays move, they have actually reiterated the point that they will not be carrying out animal testing however the chinese government carries the right to , so if they do choose to its not urban decay who can stop them , its the law in their country.

    I think you will find MAC did exactly the same thing yet people are more than happy to buy MAC products? It's all bait silly as I have seen so many bloggers whinge about this yet have multiple NEW blog posts from companies such as MAC, Benefit , L'oreal and Revlon. 

    Don't get me wrong in no way do I support animal testing but I am not about to stop buying a product because they might test it on animals in the future. 

  2. Bailey_AlltheWordsJune 12, 2012 at 12:09 PM

    Hey Ashlyn, I don't to be rude or anything, but I have to disagree with some of what you've said.

    There is no denying that other companies do anmial testing/research, they just haven't made it their mission statement since their foundation that they don't.

    It's also not a matter of "IF" the Chinese governement will "carry their right to do so" that is UD's PR spining the story to make themselves look better. The Chinese laws require EVERY cosmetic item to be tested. If they want to sell in that marketplace, their product will be tested on animals.

  3. Bailey, I agree. 

    But I am wondering whether I should still be buying from MAC if they're animal testing !

  4. I TOTALLY AGREE. I'm never buying a UD product again (I'm really gonna miss those Naked palettes, Lip Junkie lipglosses, and primer potions!) I think what they are doing is just terrrrrrrible!!

  5. OPI is owned by L'Oreal and Essie is owned by Coty...the whole "parent company" issue is a parallel to this China thing.

  6. Bailey_AlltheWordsJune 13, 2012 at 12:04 AM

    I agree completely. I honestly can't tell you who does test and who doesn't or what products I own that are completely "clean" often, it isn't even the whole product that is tested, it's only specific ingredients. You really don't know. With UD you did.

  7. Bailey_AlltheWordsJune 13, 2012 at 12:10 AM

    I know most MAC products are made in Canada, and I can't see there being any animal testing done here, but that's not to say that the individual ingredients haven't been tested on animals before the manufacturing process.

    I'm not sure if MAC is sold in China? I know I've seen promos that were Asian but I can't say if they were specific to China... if they were, than, yes MAC (in that marketplace, at least) tests on animals, since it is required by Chinese law. The whole deal is a big bag of worms really.


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