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Friday, June 22, 2012

Shop it Out:

I live in a small town and often can't find everything I'd like in local stores. That and I don't always want the same things everybody else has. Thanks to modern technology, it's pretty easy to resolve such a problem.

One of my favourite online shops happens to be Bleu Dame*. I originally found them while looking for headbands (waay back in 2008) and have been ordering ever since.They carry a bit of everything, but they specialize in sunglasses and jewelry/accessories. Over the years, they've expanded to include bags, hats, gifts, and clothing. I love that shipping is only $2.95 for US and Canada. Yes, even to Canada! It is seriously the lowest shipping ever, and thanks to the flat rate, you can shop your butt off and never pay a penny more than that. What is not to love?

They've recently redesigned their website (it's looking super stylish) and have started selling some higher end items, but still at great prices. Everything they sell is reasonablly priced and the quality of everything I've gotten has been great. I'm a fan of their scarves ( I have at least 10) and their necklaces and earrings.

A few items that might just have to hop into my cart:


'Hair Ties in Disquise' Original Hair Ties $1.50 each for a custom set

Antique Feather Hair Clips $4.50 (set of two)

I highly recommend the  'Hair Ties in Disquise', not only can you wear them as bracelets without them digging in, they are fab as hair ties. They don't get tangled, they don't leave a huge indent in your hair and they're cute! I also have the headbands and they're just as great... I'm wearing one right now!

For unique accessories (and more) check out Bleu Dame*! 

I was not asked/ or compensated to write this post. However, the * does indicate my affiliate link.

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  1. omg why have I never heard of this site! love the bracelet

    xo Jackie


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